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Thread: Just another creek

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    Default Just another creek

    Today I decided to hit a creek that I have not been to since last August. My day started pretty early as this place is a bit of a drive from my house. A quick check of the forecast for that area showed that there was a 50% chance of rain with a high of 67F.

    I packed the night before so I was able to pretty much get up and leave. The morning was pretty warm so I was looking forward to getting up into the mountains and cooler temperatures. I was making pretty good time on my drive up.

    Unfortunately I was making a little too good of time. As I was closer to my destination I came around a corner. As the road straightened back out I see a sheriff’s SUV traveling in the opposite direction. Well at this point it was too late to slow down. Sure enough as we pass each other I look in the rear view to see his break lights come on. He then made a quick U-turn and sped up

    I saw the lights come on and I pulled over. He approached my vehicle where I promptly handed him mu DL and CWL. I informed him that I had a loaded weapon. He handed me back my CWL and said “Sir, I will make you a deal. You don’t show me your weapon and I won’t show you mine”. He then asked me what I was doing in this area. I replied “I am on my way to fish “BJAC creek”. He then said “it sure is a beautiful morning to go fish”.

    He took my DL, registration and proof of insurance back to his vehicle. After several minutes I see him exit his vehicle. He then says to me “I am going to save you $85 and issue you a warning”. I replied “Thank you officer”. He then said “I am not sure if the bridge has been repaired since it washed out on “BJAC” creek”. Then he said to be careful up there and to have a nice day.

    About 25 minutes later I arrived at my destination. The air was nice and cool with a slight breeze. I though what a nice day; it sure beats the 80+ degree temps down the mountain. I got out of my car and geared up.

    The creek was very high and looked a little different than I last remembered.

    When I got down to the water; I sent my stimulator sailing towards its destination. It landed softly on the surface. After a short drift I saw the tell tale splashy rise from one of the resident native redbands. I set the hook and it was fish on. I landed fish and sent him on his way.

    I resumed fishing. I was literally catching these fun feisty little guys every other cast.

    After a little while and a lot of fish later I decided to check out another spot that interested me.

    The results from this run were exactly the same as the place I started.

    While I was fishing I felt the wind kick up a little, and the bright day started to dim. While I was releasing another fish I heard the tell tale rumble of thunder. I thought to myself “I guess it is time for a lunch break”.

    While I was eating the thunder subsided. I waited about 10 minutes, after hearing nothing I resumed fishing. I was having a blast when the rain decided to come in. I did not hear any thunder so I continued fishing. I just hooked a fish and I heard a loud crack, man this storm just will not give up. I released the fish and headed back towards my vehicle.

    This time the storm did not let up the rain got heavier and the lightning got close and more frequent. As I had caught a lot of fish and had very fun day I decided to head back home.

    I can’t wait till the water comes down a bit. This place is really fun and has a lot of awesome spots at lower flows. It was also good to see that there were “larger” fish back in it. When I fished it last my buddy and I were only pulling out 6”-8” fish. I think I am going to give it a couple of weeks and head back.

    Hope you enjoyed my report from “BJAC creek”.

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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Great pics and report Sasha!....If that is "just another creek" I am really looking forward to you reporting on someplace "special"!! Am not familiar with the "redband"..are they a species to themselves or related to a brookie or other trout that might be more wide spread?

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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Sasha. Beautiful.
    Thank you.
    "I knew a tier once. One time he was holding a lump of cat hair he found on his couch, sort of twirling it about his fingers, tugging at it. I asked, what in the hell are you doing man? He looked startled, ashamed. But I knew what he was thinking. right then and there I decided to just buy my fly's thankyouverymuch." ~ cwg

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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Sasha nice report, good lookin water and fish. It's always fun when the fish are willing to hit dries. Congrats!

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    Default Re: Just another creek

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    Default Re: Just another creek

    SWEET! Much nicer than the river I went to yesterday. The only time I was able to escape heat by going into the mountains was in Puerto Rico. The temperature was well into the 80's at the base of the mountains, but mid-60's at the top.

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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Great report should get a presscard

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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Hi Sasha,

    You give the best reports. I always look forward to reading about your trips. If I had a stream like your second place I might be more interesting in fishing small creeks again.


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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Sasha, another great report...Beautiful waters you have to fish...


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    Default Re: Just another creek

    Thanks guys!!!! This creek is one of my favorite places to throw dries to native redbands. It is funny every time I have posted a report about this place I always get a few PMs' asking me where it is at (on other sites).

    And no I never tell anybody where it is at........

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