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Thread: Took my nephew fishing

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    Default Took my nephew fishing

    My nephew was here for a few days of visiting and fishing. We took him up hiking into a couple of creeks here in Idaho, and since it was still hunting season, we all have bright orange vests on in the pictures. The bright vests made it a bit difficult to not spook every fish within 2 miles, but the fishing was still pretty good anyway....even with that many of us splashing around in the creek. Plus for once I didn't have to man the camera!

    Some October caddis were hatching and there were some green bodied hoppers in the grass, so we mostly used stimulators, hoppers, adams, and caddis flies. It was a blast to still have good dry fly fishing this late in the year.

    Tom started it off by showing us how it is done at a beaver dam.

    Unfortunately he also over topped his waders when we tried to get upstream past the beaver pond. There was just no way through the willow jungle at that spot. I must have ribbed him a bit too much about it, because my karma left at the end of the day, and I slid down a bank to take a full side plunge in the creek. It was a wet day but great fun!

    More pictures of the mayham:

    Total fun for all, and I'll probably be back out there …..somewhere….. soon!

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    Default Re: Took my nephew fishing

    Looks like a fun day.
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    Default Re: Took my nephew fishing

    cpiercem: Great trip report and photos, thanks for sharing! Looks like you guys hooked into some very nice trout!


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    Default Re: Took my nephew fishing

    Good report on the day, Tom needs to always wear chest waders

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    Default Re: Took my nephew fishing

    great report and pictures.
    thank you for sharing



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    Default Re: Took my nephew fishing

    Great story and pics

    Reports like these are always my favorite to read, looking forward to your next one already.

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    that is perfect!

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