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Thread: Beautiful strory

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    Default Beautiful strory

    What a beautiful story .... no ?


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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    Strikingly beautiful. Nice place, too.

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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    I saw it once before but enjoyed it the second time as much; thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    Great video, thanks for sharing! Even hearing a reels drag on video (@12:18) puts a smile on my face!

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    Great video

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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    I'm in love, just don't tell my wife......great story.

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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    Great video thanks for sharing. I absolutely love watching that spey casting.

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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    I've looked at it a couple of times, and I think a fish hits on the surface, seems to be just off the screen on the bottom left but the splash is visible at about 11:41. It's betwen her and the cameraman, right where she's ripping the line off the water. I looked at it a few times and am pretty sure that's what it is. That or the cameraman is not worried about being hit by a fly and is splashing the water for some unknown reason. Great video.
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    great video... gets you worked up to go!

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    Default Re: Beautiful strory

    Ben: Thanks for posting, that was great!

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