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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    There is just something about landing a fish like this:

    In a river like this:

    That does it for me. I am not into targeting them in the skinny water on their spawning grounds myself. I like targeting them on a big river swinging flies to them. Granted I will nymph for them from time to time but given the choice I will swing for em. There is just something about feeling the take that works for me.As far as the fight goes well it isn't like any trout. Fighting a steelhead vs. a big rainbow (I have done both) is not even close to the same thing.

    It is either something you are into or not. I mean seriously standing in a cold river all day sometimes while it is raining/snowing. Hoping that you may get a take. This type of fishing isn't for everybody

    Now I have never fished for Lake Run rainbows so I can't speak to that experience.

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

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    steelface :: P2030040.jpg picture by mtflyfishguide - Photobucket

    this one came from the Clearwater in Idaho

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    For me its the challenge. I am competitive to a fault so the old saying that goes something like, "10% of the anglers catch 90% of the Steelhead" drives me bananas. I can't stand the thought of being outwitted by a fish or outfished by someone else.

    I first fished steelhead out of curiosity this fall. I fished HARD on the first 9 hours straight before I got my first take in some fast moving riffles right before dusk. I was tired, starving, discouraged, and my back and shoulder was screaming for relief but I will never forget the exhilaration of that take. I had never felt such a powerful animal on the end of my fly rod! I had no chance of landing it.

    I did not manage to land one until my fourth day out...and I landed two, both about 23 inches that looked almost identical:

    By the way, I do NOT recommend trying to land one on a 5 weight rod. It obviously can be done but of the 2 or 3 fresh fish I hooked before I landed the old one in the picture, I am not sure what was going to happen if they did not throw the hook. I feared for my equipment!

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    This thread has been fun to watch develop, the pics and heart felt appreciation of this amazing fish are wonderful to see, but in a way I feel it's pointless without mentioning the struggle that the species faces now and in the future.

    So if I may ask those that fish for them now, and those who are planning to in the future to educate themselves about the struggles of the wild Steelhead and their decreasing numbers. Everyone needs to do what they can to help raise awareness so future generations can enjoy them too.

    Ok, I'm stepping off my soap box now.

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    Good point, Fysh.

    For me, Steelhead fishing is a C&R sport; just the same as for trout, salmon, bass, bones, etc.

    Single hooks, no barbs, a quick pic, a gentle release and it's on to the next fish; knowing that the one that I just released will be smarter; at least for the next few minutes........................


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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....


    Because I would rather read this awesome thread over that "change the law" thread.

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    nothing better than a wild buck

    uh, maybe a wild hen?

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    Some good looking fish!

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    I just found this forum. I had a great weekend fishing for Steelhead with my father and thought I'd see what information is out there for nuts like us.

    I think the reason Steelhead are so sought after is the size and quantity. 2-3 years ago, it was nothing to land 15-25 fish in a good 6-7 hour day. The fish ranged from 6 to 13lbs and they're a blast when they're fresh run.

    With the rage for steelhead over the past few years, the fish population seems to have declined quite a bit. A good day now is 4-6 fish with most days only being 2 or 3. Hopefully the steelhead craze will slow down or people will start practiciing catch and release (or even taking just the legal limit). My father and I watched 3 guys sneak fish off the river on Saturday having more than their limit.

    They're a lot of fun when you can get them, and we fish the small steams. You can get 15lb plus on the larger rivers off Ontario.

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    Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

    Here's one of them from this past Saturday. I really didn't mean to have a death grip on it, but I couldn't feel my fingers.

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