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Thread: Streamer/Winter fishing

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    Default Streamer/Winter fishing

    Can I get some suggestions for books that will be more specie to streamer fishing or winter fishing. Specific to Colorado would be even better. Thanks.

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    I am not sure you need a book to throw streamers. Here is a link for an article on winter streamer fishing. Winter Fly Fishing, Victor Babbitt, The Fish Sniffer

    Just get out there and start throwing them out there, try up and across, down and across, try beaded head streamers, non weighted streamers. I caught a couple of large brown trout on a beaded head woolybugger going down and across, it was 12 degrees out on the Upper Owens in Cali.

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    Default Re: Streamer/Winter fishing

    Deep and slow is the only way I've had luck lately (unfortunately also finding many snags that feel like soft bites). Also, I've been feeding the streamer and leader under the ice in some holes, and towing out some decent fish. They seem to feel pretty safe under the ice, and can't see the angler for sure.

    Very natural grey or 'minnow' color seems to work best for crystal clear water.
    Many nice browns in CO and even a nice rainbow in CA within the last month using a natural colored 'belly ache minnow'.
    The standard wooly bugger varieties are not getting me many bites in the clear slow water.

    Streamers in summer/faster water are super fun on un-pressured water. Multiple strikes from multiple fish on a single cast! Sometimes I clip the tail shorter if they are striking but not getting stung. I assume they are just getting a mouthful of marabou and no hook at that point.

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    Default Re: Streamer/Winter fishing

    Ihav problems getting mine deep enough in winter with the high water even the weighted ones does anyone ever add split shot to them...

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    Split shot, 18" above fly enough weight to almost bounce it of the bottom

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    Default Re: Streamer/Winter fishing

    For most of the streamer patterns I use, the action of the fly comes from stripping of the line. Since colder water means lethargic fish, they won't chase your fly as readily as they would in the summer months. Try dead drifting weighted buggier patterns, where the action comes from the current against the feathers/hair. Always works better for me in colder weather. "Spider" type patterns can be absolutely deadly. Fish 'em slow and methodically and try to cover all of the good water you can. They wont move far.

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    if you dont have a sink tip line, get one. I fish streamers year round, black and natural work best in winter. fish them slow and deep, swing them through pools. best bet, drop a streamer and something else under an indicator and fish deep with twitches

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