Fished the Harrison River on the weekend. There is a large school of sea-run dolly varden char cruising around, although I couldnt find the cutties I know theyre there, somewhere. Easy access at Kilby provincial park. Fish the slower sections near shore of the log booms, concentrating on deeper pools and runs. This is a large body of water so it can be intimidating; however look a little closer and you can see the current seams and pockets caused by underwater structure. Use alevin patterns, the one I tie is a simple fly, #8/#10 hook, small yellow/amber clear glass bead, silver tinsel, mallard flank feathers tied in at the head, pulled over the bead and tied down at the bend of the hook. Dead drifted on a floating line, keep mending your line and the bead should carry the offering down, or use a split shot 18" from the fly if you are not feeling bottom. Let it swing in, and hold on!