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Thread: January Heat

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    With warm temps on saturday and a drizzling rain i wanted to fish since hunting season is over for deer its time to fish and wish for turkey season.My first thought was to drive and fish some tailwater but both were running water by the time i got there so i settled for my old haunt about 4 miles from home.Ann and myself geared up to stay warm and dry.The water was high,clear and 46 degrees.

    I tied on a BHPT and a Black Zebra Midge and got my first fish of the year this little rainbow.

    Then the BHPT picked up this 12" brown.

    From there things slowed with us only catching a small rainbow til i got a good hit and the fish left like it was a giant , so i stumbled down stream after it,Ann got out and went down the bank and got in front to net the fish but missed well she got below it again and in the net the fish went as she fell over backwards in the water but did not go in over her chest waders ,Well turns out it was this 15" rainbow.

    We changed to a crayfish pattern and caught some more fish before calling it aday,but it was a good day in the warm January heat temps was near 60.

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    Great fun! Thanks for posting
    "I cast my hook into a single stream; but my pleasure is as if I owned a kingdom." - Chi K'ang (223-262)

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    Looks like a successful trip, and yeah it's been strangely warm here in Washington too.

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    I think its been a weird winter everywhere, because its been warm here too, 55 degrees today. Too bad the trout season in Wisconsin is closed until March. That is one beautiful brown though, makes me all the more pumped for March.
    "Don't burn the day away" - Dave Matthews Band

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    same odd weather here in KY, looks like a great way to start the year.

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    Looks like a good outing! You caught more fish today by the sounds of it than I have my last three outings.

    It's also been weird in Minnesota this year. No snow yet, and 50+ degrees today. I was fishing in a sweatshirt today... just doesn't seem right. No complaints though, because winter really put it to us last year.

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    Default Re: January Heat

    Shannon: Congrats on a great outing! We have been having some really nice wx here in WY also. Yesterday it was sunny and 50 degrees, today it is more like normal, snow and wind.

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