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    Default winter trout fishing

    I have a 5wt thomas & thomas rod, 5wt floating line. normaly i add a little putty weight 12" above nymph or streamer. Would i be better to use a sink tip that you add to foward section of fly line. How would you set this up to get the fly down to the fish. I think i'm on the right track, if not tell me how to do it right.

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    Default Re: winter trout fishing

    you can do it the way you suggested with a 5' sink tip attachment, or the way I do it as follows.
    Tie a 10-12 foot leader as you normally would.
    At the end where you normally tie the point fly, make a loop and add a couple split shot depending on water flow and depth.

    Then about 8-12 inches above that tie a dropper for the first fly, then another dropper about 18-24 inches above that.
    You can space out the droppers more or less to cover different ranges of water.

    Addition of an indicator or thingamabobber above the top fly will also help control depth.
    Hope this helps....

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    Default Re: winter trout fishing

    I've been fishing plunge pools that are 4-6' deep using an indicator and 2-3 tungsten bead heads about 18" apart. I add small shot until I start getting **** off the bottom.
    I also try drifting it without the indicator (high stick nymphing), which seems to work better in some holes where the drag from the 'indy' messes up the drift or spooks the fish.

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