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  1. Question flies for sockeye

    anyone got any suggestions as to what fly patterns would be suitable for sockeye in fresh water(i know they have a bit of a reputation for being difficult to persuade to take a fly!)

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    i have always had good luck with the coho flies in two tone colors. i have found that in dark water the dark colors work best. in clear water brighter colors work best. i have also had good luck just using a 2/0 or 3/0 red hook.

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    Hi humpy,

    Here are a few flies that you might try. The Coho flies shown are dressed too heavy for Sockeye. The Sockeye Green fly is dressed about right for Sockeye. If you can't find thinly dressed Coho flies take your scissors to them. You can thin them by cutting in the direction of the material and thin it down, way down. You have to present your fly at the same level in the water as the fish are holding. You will have no luck if your flies are above the Sockeye in the water column. One trick is to drift the fly up to the fish on one side and slightly below the fish. If you can get the fly to drift under the fish from one side to the other side. The fish will take the fly when it comes out under it on the other side. Sockeye are fun to catch but they don't like flies like Silvers do. There are a bunch of Sockeye caught in the Bristol Bay area on flies but that is because there are millions of fish in the water. Sockeye eggs are the preferred egg of rainbow trout. If there are rainbows in the water with the salmon try to duplicate the color and size of the Sockeye eggs if you are fishing eggs.

    Sockeye Green

    Gold Comet

    Coho Flies

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    thanks for the advice. i've got some coho flies in the colors suggested that i can trim down. my trip is next week. i'll let you know how it goes.

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    Where are you headed and will we get some pictures?

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