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  1. Default Missoula, MT Fly fishing?

    I lived in MT from 78-89...and would move back in a heartbeat but life kinda gets in the way, which is ok. Anyone fish rock creek, rattlesnake creek, blackfoot, clark fork? Would love to hear about it. Use to live across the street from Rattlesnake Creek on Redwood Drive.
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  2. Default Re: Missoula, MT Fly fishing?

    As I write this I am at the Holiday Inn on the Clark fork, 1.5 miles down from Rattlesnake. I live in Houston but am here every sunday with the day job. I watch the water closely and have spoken to a guide recently concerning the fishing around here.

    Basically what I can gather is that the River is closed most of the day (after 2 pm) because the water is above 73*f. Morning fishing is ok. The warm water does not hold the oxygen like cold water and even a quickly landed fish will die from exertion even if handled properly.

    The tributaries are cooler and remain open as far as I know. I see fish sipping and swirling below the surface constantly in front of the hotel. I will wait till fall to bring my rod me thinks so I can fish behind the hotel. (Mornings are not an option for me due to the afore mentioned day job)

    The guide suggested hoppers and other terrestrials this time of year with a PMD or nymph thrown in for good measure.


  3. Default Re: Missoula, MT Fly fishing?

    had one of the best days of my life on the blackfoot a couple months ago. i live in bozeman but have some friends who's parents own a house in lincoln.

    we floated down the notrh fork of the blackfoot from ovando to russell gates.

    we put on the north fork a day after the fishing closures lifted. my buddy, his wife, and his dad in a raft. me in a watermaster. about a half hour in, my friend realized because of the low flows we were going to be way late on when his wife had to be back. they were going to have to row out the full float. i was not happy to hear this, partially because i really wanted to fish, partially because the watermasters are much slower than a raft so it would have been even more miserable for me.

    my buddy must have seen the look on my face because he said he would come back later and pick me up, i could take my time. so there i was all alone, in a boat with a little beer, a little food and lots of flies.

    fishing the north fork, i caught numerous cuttys on big ugly madam xs, size 6 to 8 orange. once i got down to the main fork of the blackfoot and into the canyon, the number of trout tapered off some, mostly cutbows, but still hitting the madam x. the canyon is really cool, very interesting rock formations. i was surprised to see the number and size of carp i saw. thought about doing some deep nymphing to get after them, but the dry fly fishing was just too good to stop (and that's saying something coming from me, i dont fish drys too often)

    once out of the canyon and into the valley, the madam x stopped working its magic. i switched to a big (4 or 6) tan foam hopper and holy **** it was back on. got to one big bend with a deep pool, i beached the boat and fished that pool for an hour with my hopper. lets just say i now call this spot the land of 5 pound rainbows.

    just below this bend, i got into a little rapid. high sided my little boat and got pretty scared thinking about the implications of flipping there. was only hung up for a minute or two, but all alone it could have gotten ugly.

    got to the takeout, beached the boat, sat and drank my last warm beer as i nymphed a riffle waiting for my buddy to come pick me up.

    probably caught 30+ fish on the day, including a half dozen pig rainbows. one of my best days of dry fly fishing ever.

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