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Thread: Winter Trout Fishing

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    Default Winter Trout Fishing

    I just read the thread regarding steelhead fishing on the Clearwater and the incredulous response by one forum member regarding fishing in the winter. I sat here in amazement realizing that there may be many out there who not only don't fish in the winter, but also don't realize there are many out there who do.

    October through April is prime fishing for trout in Idaho. Temps dip below freezing and often below zero, but there is still fishing to be had in many western states including Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Although I don't much like to fish in temps below 20F, there are many who do. Although it is cold and (most years) there is snow on the ground, the fish are still there and actively feeding. Flows are usually low and the fish are concentrated and usually the best fishing of the year takes place during the winter months where I live.

    Here are some of my favorite pics and places for fishing Idaho's winters:

    Anyway, there is a lot of fishing to be had during the winter months. No sense sitting inside watching tv and enduring a long winter's wait for fishing to begin again...

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    Primo, Kelly
    We'll be up there this weekend. Joni is tying at Jimmy's. Now you can take us fishing.......
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    I agree, my thinking is, if I can be outside all day during the winter and ski, why can't I be out for at least half the day fishing every once and a while. The rivers around here are warmwater, so the fishing isn't as good during the winter, and the coldwater streams in Wisconsin are closed, but still, half a day at least is better than nothing.
    "Don't burn the day away" - Dave Matthews Band

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    We have some good winter fishing here in Pa also, but I don't talk about it too much. The streams are nice and quiet over the winter, but a few more people out there wouldn't hurt.

    Those are some awesome fish you are catching. Thanks for sharing those pics. I was impressed with the float tube pic...I can't imagine that.

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    heck of a trip. looks awsome.

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    Kelly: Awesome fish porn!

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    Shhhhh don't let people in on the secret Kelly

    I enjoy the less crowded winter months... Oh wait, I mean that winter is no time for fishing. It is a time for sitting inside

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    I generally fish the stillwaters when teh weather is nice and the river in the winter here in Reno. I would fish the river more in the warmer months, but I always seem to be competing with rafters, kayakers, and even had a run in with some migrant workers using the river for a bath tub, for them and thier kids on one occasion.

    So, float tube and stillwater when there is no ice on the lakes, truckee river in the winter time. No crowds, quiet, and the fish still bite if you can figure out where they are hiding.

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    There is no fishing in Missouri in the winter. In fact, it ends November 11th and doesn't start again until March. Or May, I can't remember which. I think May.

    Bubba should stay right where he's at, on the couch watching men in tight pants chase a ball around.

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    Default Re: Winter Trout Fishing

    I probably fish more in the winter than I do in the summer.

    Lots of the tailwaters get super packed in the summers so I go when they aren't!

    Especially this season since the snow hasn't been the greatest...skiing has really taken a back seat to fishing.

    Caught this beauty on the Pan last week.

    Another from the Pan.

    This guy was 18.5 and came from the Arkansas below Pueblo.

    Your standard Blue River rainbow...

    All these were caught this winter, and on a size 16-20. I'm not a fan of the anything smaller than that...too hard to tie on and if fish are eating larger patterns, no need to go ultra small. Although, some days I wish I had something smaller, but I haven't been skunked this winter yet! (knock on wood).

    In the summers, I do more float trips than wade trips and I spend my time chasing hatches, but winters are a fun time tying and trying new midge patterns with different materials and colors. Super easy and quick ties so I don't feel too bad when a pattern doesn't catch many fish compared to some of the more intricate ties that I do for summer fish!
    My fishing in Colorado Blog:

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