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Thread: Slam?

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    Default Slam?

    Well It was my first fully day back from the beach and chasing bass so what better way to spend it than catching trout. I went to a tiny stream that was maybe 4 feet wide and caught some feisty little brookies. Then I headed over to a stream I've been fishing alot lately. Here I landed 5 bows the biggest of which being 10 inches. Also while in this stream I ldr'ed a brown right at my feet.

    Slam or not? you choose.

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    Default Re: Slam?

    Easily a slam.... No wait-- nope, no slam...... actually I'd say slam.

    I would be able to make a more informed decision on what is or not a slam if I knew what in the HE (hockey sticks) you were talking about.....

    Sounds like you 'slammed' them-- If that's what you mean... (alas, I suspect that it is not quite so simple-- I am missing something about the meaning of a slam).

    A-Ha! A 'slam' (like a grand slam???-- three of a species, or three different species, or something of the sort....)

    I guess my answer would be does it matter? Sounds like you had a fantastic day fishing regardless....

    //EDIT// It has come to my attention that my reply may have sounded a touch condescending--- no offense meant-- I just wanted to reply, add a little humor (by making it obvious that I was clueless as to what a slam is), and tell Chris that it appears that he had a terrific day on the water. I'm sorry for any mis- communication.
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    Default Re: Slam?

    Chris: I have no idea about a slam or not, but it sounds like you had a great day on the water and in the end that is all that counts. Congrats!


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    Default Re: Slam?

    Chris, Fish to hand, is how we score it here.
    I like the way you think, most species in a day.
    Another way to score it is,
    1 point for a grab (honesty based)
    2 points for a clear fish on, (jumps, bent rod, witnessed).
    3 points for fish landed.
    1- for a fly lost.
    2- for two.
    3- for the whole rig.

    For some slow days, I give litter points.
    1 pt for a can (preferably aluminum).
    2pts for bigger trash.
    3pts for fishing line balls.
    10 pts for babies pampers. (can't stand these, bring baggies).
    To outscore others, land every fish, don't lose gear, and bag that pamper.

    Not that I keep score.
    Having too much fun for that.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: Slam?


    I'd definitely call that a slam, but not a "grand slam" wihich requires 4 species. So next time you get that close, just grit your teeth and throw a tailing loop while you stand on your toes to make sure you hook yourself in the ear. Then you'll be golden. Well with a little dash of red.

    Great job!


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    Default Re: Slam?

    Three species is a slam here, we dont have any cutties here in NC

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