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A fellow in Camden, NY (maybe 15 miles from Stan's home) was looking into "virgin" brook trout or char fishing in the area around the camp. Wonder if anything ever became of that?
Were his initials JP? If so he built a cabin on a lake about 5 miles from the main camp. There is a chain of lakes up there that are full of brook trout, with the biggest up to 3-4 lb. We went up there one day and tromped around exploring. I was the first person ever to pull a brookie (a little one, around 8") out of one of those lakes, so they named it for me -- Lake Scott. My fishing partner that day, Alex, pulled the first fish out of the next lake over, so that one was dubbed Lake Alex. But there are zillions of lakes up in that backcountry and if you showed me an aerial photo today I couldn't remember which one was mine!

Oh, and back to Ted Williams...my good friend Vin Swayze, who has guided on the Miramichi for more than 60 years, has gobs of Ted Williams stories. Ted's place was just a ways downriver from Vin's. He has a batch of flies Ted tied, and lots of good photos.

There's also some Ted footage in the CD that Ted Rogowski did on the Miramichi (Memories of the Miramichi) a couple years ago. Along with Lee Wulff, Ed Zern and Charlie DeFeo. oh, lol, and me, too!!!
You fished with Charlie DeFeo? Wow. I was already impressed enough when you cornered the world market for Gordon Griffith's floss.