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    Default A Fine Day Out....

    I was supposed to head up to the Eastern Sierra's with my son this weekend, but Thursday night he snapped his wrist at rugby practice. I mean 'full break- has to see the sports medicine doc' injury. With that, I decided to at least hit my local with my good friend, Sean. It was a good choice.

    My local water is a federally designated wild trout stream. A quality fish there is 8-10" and anything above gets a tip of the hat and a cold beer. Today, the stream really gave it up. I was proud to be there when Sean landed a 17" bow- the largest I've seen taken from that watershed. I managed a few 12+ inchers, and all in all, we had a good old time. Here's some pics...

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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    Quote Originally Posted by creeker View Post

    I really like the angle on these pics. Sweet fish and looks like a great day!
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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    nice fish. want to know what my trout streams look like? frozen and no greenery haha
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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    Very nice looking fish. I'm also from So Cal but have never fished any of the local waters, which really limits my time on the water; only a few trips to the Sierras each year and maybe one up to the Kern. Were these fish from the upper San Gabriel River area? Was wondering what local waters may be in my own backyard that I need to start investigating. Thanks.

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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    Creeker: Great trip report and photos! Congrats on the great looking trout! Boy does that stream look fantastic, I can see why you like to fish there.

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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    ice, snow, and sleepy fish here... got 1 bite the other day

    Great pics! sunny CA is looking great, I love those clear little rocky streams.

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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    Quote Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
    want to know what my trout streams look like? frozen and no greenery haha
    same here
    but is always nice to see some fellow flyfisherman getting action

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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    Great report and pics...thanks for sharing....unusually cold here too so no fishing for too weeksreally depressing

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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    Beautiful fish an nice report! I have to ask Is that a glass rod you are useing? If so more details on it please....
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    Default Re: A Fine Day Out....

    A bow that size from there should warrant two of dem beers! Nice! milt.

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