Howdy, from where i sit here in Texas the temperatures are almost at 80 degrees already here in early March. Next week i will travel to Santa Fe over Spring Break with my family. We will be there Saturday evening through Thursday. We would like to go fishing one day but are unfamiliar with the area. I do not own a pair of waders but would still like to fish. I am relatively new to fly fishing but i have caught on quickly. Basically in Texas we cast large flies to Redfish and horse them in. I understand that cold water will be a lot different. I would like to use my 8wt rod as I am not interested in buying new set ups for me and my two sons to use once. (i know that is taboo) Can y'all please help me out?
1. first of all, where can we go fishing that is within an hour or two of Santa Fe?
2. Is it feasible to fish for trout with an 8wt/ (they are TFO BVKs)
3. What species, techniques, flies, and tippet will i need?
4. anything else i should know?
I apologize if i sound ignorant, but i honestly only know the realm of saltwater fly fishing. Please help me and my sons out.

God Bless