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Thread: Tigers

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    Don't know how many of you have the chance to fish for Tiger Trout but they sure are fun. Went out the other day and landed 14, the smallest was 20 and the biggest was 23 inches. It was a remarkable day.

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    Forgot the picture.

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    Hi darkcahill,

    Thanks for the picture. That is a nice trout. What flies are you catching them on? I noticed you are sitting nice and high in your tube. What tube is that?

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    The first tiger trout I caught was on the Little J here in PA several years ago. Kind of rare, but a heck of a fighter. I believe it is a cross between a brown and a brookie.?? or a rainbow.?? Would love to know where you are that you hit so many. They give a good fight. The size I caught was not near as big as what you've caught. I think also they are sterile and therefore don't reproduce. Nice photo. Frank

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    The float tube is a Fish Cat IV and has been great for tubing.
    The fish were caught in my home province of Manitoba in the Parkland region.(west side of the province) Every year we have anglers coming from N. Dakota, Montana, Utah, and other northern states to fish. There are numerous lakes that are stocked and the nice thing about this stocking program is the fish average 2 1/2 pounds of growth per year. The Tigers in the pic are only 3 years old. Just wait for another year or two. Some monsters will be caught.

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    Those are such cool looking fish.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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