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  1. Default Re: Prefer to fish Mayflies, Caddis, or other?

    I for one am glad to have ya with us!

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    Hey Cliff

    Do you fish the Lower mountain fork river? If so try this, go to the spillway and put your back against the chainlink fence (if it is still there) and cast down steam with a EHC then strip it back as fast as you can but be prepared cause the browns there will kill the fly
    Golden Sides

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    I too like to fish for trout with a maylfy imitation. I've learned several diiferent patterns in the fly tying classes I've attended & have developed one of my own. I call it the "Muskegon Mayfly". It is a killer ! It is a dry type fly. It is important to be somewhat careful when removing it from the trouts mouth with your forcepts because of the small deer hair body & front hackle it is delicate like many drys. I try to grasp it at the bend to remove so as not to clamp down on the body & tear the body.

    On the numerous occasions last summer/fall I visited the Muskegon river & it has produced trout every time, even on the first cast. I'm not talking two or three trout, I'm talking 10 to 15+ range. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to post. I'll work on that soon.

    I also use midges, caddis (numerous styles) wiggle hexes. One of the guys that lead one of my fly tying classes suggested buying an aquarium net to carry in my vest. He mentioned that once you are in the river to take out the net from your vest & stick it in the water. Give it a few seconds, pull it up & see what type of "bug life" you see & tie on a fly that closest mimics the bugs in the net. Good advice or bad, what are your thoughts ?

    Always in the water,

    Tie One On

  4. Re: Prefer to fish Mayflies, Caddis, or other?

    I fished the Middle Provo today with Scott Fraser (Falcon's Ledge) and we kicked on a size 14 & 16 Sparkle BWO and a black WD40 size 22 with a strip of flashabou across the back. I didn't try my 30's or 32's today.

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    I fish mostly tailwaters here...the White, Norfork, and Little Red. Favorite dry is Elk Hair Caddis, sizes 16 to 22. I fish a lot of Bead Head Zebra Midges in olive and black, sizes 16 & 18 which I find productive, and occasionaly in the fall use Orange and Partridge soft hackle. But the Elk Hair Caddis is the most fun to tie and catch fish on...definitely my favorite.

    catchya later,
    Doff......aka fishing4trout

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