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    Has anyone used a guide on the Frying Pan River near Basalt, Colorado? Matt (Bear Creek) and I are taking a summer trip up there and could use some recommendations. I've never fishing the Frying Pan so a guide for the first day sounds like a good idea. After that we'll fish on our own. Any good guide recomendations???
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    That guy works throught eh Taylor Creek fly shop in Basalt. I saw him and Frank Smethurst on a recent episode of Fly Fishing America fishing midges in the winter. I have also fished that river and traded at that shop a few times. They are very willing to provide plenty of info.

    Don't forget to fish the sections of the Pan there in town. If the flows are low enough the Roaring Fork can be fun too. Ask the guys at the shop about some alpine lakes to go fish too. They found a GREAT one for me. I should have read between the lines however when he said the hike up to it wasn't all that tough. (1500 vertical feet in one mile! Starting at 8000' elev.! ugh!)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks Cliff:

    Yea... I spoke to that guy once. He seems like he'd be a good one. I wanted to check around before I booked him to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks for the input.

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