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Thread: Browns wonts bite

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    Hey I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on catching some decent sized browns. I am 15 and just started fly fishing and there are some pretty niced sized browns in this deep hole where I fish. The problem is there are two rocks under water but over the hole and with the current I can never get a nymph down there without it ethier getting stuck on the rock or completely missing. I am using a hare's ear with a bb weight and it just seems these browns just lay in the water, and i can never tell if they swallow my fly or just let it past. I have tried dry flying but they dont even ise to te water. Can you guys please tell me some tips or ideas to get these fish to bite, they seemed amused watching my nymph just go past them. It's getting frustrating as I know they are there but wont take anything. Thanks a lot for your help, Chris

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    Welcome to the site!I started fly fishing around your age,and I can tell you that the learning never stops in fly fishing!
    Sounds like you have some pretty tricky fish!Some trout are tricky by nature and some trout are difficult due to circumstance,you have the double whammy.
    Browns are the most weary trout around,but if you fish them on dark overcast days and during the first and last light of the day,or at night,they can be fooled.IF a good presentation drifting a nymph is out of the question,I would try to swing a streamer to them.I dont know you exact situation but,just off the top of my head I would try a "downstream" presentation as close to the outside rock as you can.Make sure you cast a bit of slack into your line so that streamer sinks as it passes where you think the trout are,when your line straightens out, swim the streamer back towards them.
    It may be wise(if you havent already) to go and explore the rest of that river.I enjoy attempting to fool difficult trout as well,but always try to put the odds in your favor.Like I mentioned earlier,fish at low light,and really take your time approaching your casting area,Big trout dont get big by being dumb, and that is espessially true for big browns.If you care to give it a shot at night,you can bet they wont be holding in that hole,chances are they will be out looking for a decent meal.BIg browns like to have low or no light before they get really active and hunt down prey.Have a look around in the daylight for likley feeding spots,make a mental note and try it at night.
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    Hi yankees12,

    Well Aron has pretty well covered the information. Here are a couple of things to consider. Have you picked up some rocks in the river bed to see what kind of nymphs are abundant? You may want to try some different nymphs. Many times when you can't get your fly to a certain spot and you need to adjust where you are standing so the angle to the fish is different. Are you using a strike indicator to help you detect strikes? If you can see the fish you will see them move as they take the fly. It is very seldom that you can put the fly right into their mouths and they have to move to the side or rise slightly to intercept the fly. You don't say how deep the hole is but are you close to the fish and standing erect. You may want to sneak up on the fish and keep low. Get down on one knee to cast. Arron's idea to fish other spots is very good. You need to catch some fish and work out what fly to use. Smaller fish will be easier to catch and help you with your technique.


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    The hole is about 3 feet deep maybe a little deeper but the are I fish southeastern Pa gets too warm to hold a populated trout stream, it has chubs, sunnies, bass and I dont know how but these browns survive the summer days which can get heat waves of 100 plus in the summer. I have only caughten one other small brookie, but man was he beautiful. I do approach the stream with steath, I come from behind them, croaching. Should i try upstream and led a nymph drift down stream, I will try a wholly bugger but I am afraid if i work it downstream it may spooke them. It seems like these may be the only decent sized trout in the stream. Its a preserve so they dont stock it and there is a enorumous amount of chubs, so this is really the only spot i know that holds trout. Thanks for all your guys help and I will try to take a picture of the area i am fishing.

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    Gee, and I thought I was the only one playing tag with the brown bruisers.
    Yep, I'd 'steal' a pair of mom's pantyhose, go down to the river, kick up some
    dirt and whatever flows into them will tell you a lot about the bugs that
    may inhabit that area. Oh, or you can just ask mom to borrow a pair...You'll
    be using them like a catch net.

    I'm imagining that there might be a slight undertow kinda current as it passes
    by the rock over the hole and probally should just suck your offering right
    under...I'd get as close as possible, say 6 to 8 feet and find a seam that
    gets you closest. Keep as much line off the water as possible while allowing
    the nymph to bounce along the bottom. [Oh course, there's easier ways
    to get the nypmh there, but this technique is one to learn also.]

    So true. Big ones got that way for a reason.
    Sometime's it seems that the big one's won't take a miniscule fly...especially when it's starting to get cold.
    maybe they prefer, on occassion, something on a hook size like 6 or 8...minnow, sculpin, Clouser type, streamer, or yes a wooly bugger...
    presentation is important and practise toward better presentation will
    never be a waste of time.

    Sometimes, they'll get 'pissed off' and attack whatever it is you're continually dragging
    by them...

    It may take many months ... be patient and enjoy the regulars. I think you'll
    find that when you're ready the fish will come to toe.

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    Can you chum when fly fishing for Browns, or is that the lame way??
    I want your opinions.

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    Try a Green Weenie, big Browns love them. If that doesn't work I would recomend what some of the other posters already have. Look under rocks and put a screen in the water to determine what exactly they are eating. They didn't get big by fasting!

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    Like Frank said...find out what they're feeding on.....but then down size, your nymphs should be size 16-24. For fickle browns, small is better

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    chum? this ain't no brown shark its a brown trout. lol
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    Default Re: Browns wonts bite

    Quote Originally Posted by natureday View Post
    Can you chum when fly fishing for Browns, or is that the lame way??
    I want your opinions.
    Hi Anna,

    I have never chummed for any fish but it is a fairly successful method used for saltwater fishing. With saltwater you are dealing with a huge expanse of water and chumming will congregate the fish or draw them up from deep water. This gives the fly fisher a chance to cast and reach the fish.

    Fresh water fishing is a bit different, especially if you are fishing in a river. Fly fishing is about duplicating a food source and tricking the fish into bitting. The fisher is not always successful but we keep coming back. I don't think I would want to use chum, or use explosives, or some other technique that takes the chance out of fly fishing. One reason we fly fish is because it can be hard but when we do catch a fish it is satisfying and I consider it an accomplish. All true fly fishers knows that special feeling you get using feather and thread to catch a fish. I just don't think chumming fits into my understanding of what fresh water fly fishing is all about.


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