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  1. Default Smith Creek (Clifton Forge, VA)

    Just got around to getting the trip report on Smith Creek up on my blog. Visited the upper area and the special reg area in late September based on the recommendations in Flyfisher's Guide to Virginia.

    While it was a pretty area as you can see from the picture, the fishing was terrible. This is stocked, but was stocked way back in April - pretty much nobody home at this point in the year. Caught a number of small chubbs on a Mr. Rapidan.

    There is good walk to get here down a steep hill. I advise against this spot unless you know it has been refreshed.

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    Default Re: Smith Creek (Clifton Forge, VA)

    Hey Switchfisher,

    Looks like we haunt some of the same streams. I was just checking out your Blog. Makes for some interesting reading.


  3. Default Re: Smith Creek (Clifton Forge, VA)

    I'm in the middle of fishing withdrawal right now. I've got an insane urge to get back out fishing again... but this is the season of home projects to keep the real boss happy....

    I'm sure I missed some key features or aspects of some of the places I go as I usually only go to a place once a season. If I made a bad call on some of that water, I'd love to know and will give it a second chance :-)

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    Default Re: Smith Creek (Clifton Forge, VA)

    Being a single man, I don't have a "real" boss. I'm planning a drive out to Mossy Creek in the morning. I've yet to master that stream...maybe I never will but it won't be for a lack of trying.

    I read your report on the Hughes. I wouldn't waste any time down below in the stocked sections of that stream. The wild brookies up inside the Park boundary are a lot more fun. Also check out the Rose, Rapidan, White Oak Canyon Run and the Conway. All are within about 1/2 hour of the Hughes.

    If you haven't been back to the Upper Jackson, you should plan something. It's one of my favorites. Stay away from any weekend when it's been recently stocked though. It can be a mad house. As you suspected the fishing is bettter the farther you get back in there. Keep going on the trail as it goes away from the stream and continue on over the mountain. On the way back you can wade the stream and cut that section out.

    I was interested in your review of Back Creek and the pics. I've always wanted to give it a try but always end up on the Jackson when I'm in the area.

    Good luck and I hope you get out soon.


  5. Default Re: Smith Creek (Clifton Forge, VA)

    I absolutely agree with you. I just posted the report on the Jackson Hidden Valley section down in the right place on the forum under mid-atlantic.

    One of my favorite places in the 'doah is the middle section of the Rose River -

    Although the upper part of White Oak Canyon is just as scenic!

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