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    Default Re: convince me that small flies work

    Quote Originally Posted by wannafish View Post
    It would be interesting to know if anyone actually fishes 32s...anyone out there?
    When I hired a guide a couple years back on the Elk river, just before dusk we hit Mill pool, lots of hatches and spinner falls here. He ties on a size 16 fly that will be used for the "sighter",adds some tippet, and then ties the size 32 spinner on. We proceeded to take fish on the 32 while watching the 16. Size 32 spinner and size 28 black midge are used a lot there, that place is a bug factory. Limestone stream.

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    Default Re: convince me that small flies work

    Quote Originally Posted by ausablebrown View Post
    What would you be fishing for with a size 32 fly? I think you could catch a decent sized caddis on it!
    Back in the younger days for weary large trout, now I can't see those darn small

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    Default Re: convince me that small flies work

    Quote Originally Posted by team7x View Post
    Take a look at Bob Jacklin's fish of a lifetime
    Taken on a size 18 baetis dun. I heard him describe the encounter in person at a banquet. He kept the fish for reasons that he explained made sense, and after opening him up found a 10" rainbow undigested.
    Go figure!

    Bob Jacklin's Fish of a Lifetime - YouTube
    That fish was actually taken on a nymph. You can see the Jacklin is seems to be high sticking. At about 2 min 15 seconds into the video he says he caught it on a nymph, "I got him on a nymph, I don't know what. I had two nymphs on, a little March Brown....."


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Couple big fish caught on flies <16, if I remember correctly they were on 18s or 20s. Miracle he kept them on (not me).

    And the MONSTER whitefish

    I've also caught a couple fish >20 that have been on 20s or above, every time it feels like a miracle they dont come off

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    Default Re: convince me that small flies work

    This is what some aprox. 2lb trout were eating last week; the smallest nymph in this pic must be only #26 or smaller I would think. The fly shown is size 20.

    "I cast my hook into a single stream; but my pleasure is as if I owned a kingdom." - Chi K'ang (223-262)

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