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    Default couple of firsts today

    so i recently started tying flies, and ive been out 2 days only fishing with them with no success. i got some smaller hooks, 16 and 18's and tied some small flies to try and get the sizes that i should be at right now. today i woke up early to get out there and there was 3 cars in the area i wanted to go so i moved to the next spot, just 1 guide was there in the parking lot as i came in so i decided to fish that area. rolled up to a spot that ive never caught a fish and caught hooked 4!! all on flies i tied!! 1 i should of had but lucy decided to pounce at it thus scaring the **** out of it and the hard jerk let it get loose as i watched it swim right past my feet back into the river. the other my knot broke and the 3/4 fish i got it the net! well i had no luck pretty much everywhere els and i got my line stuck and had to break it, well instead of tying on a new nymph rig for the hour i had left i tried a streamer again. first spot i get a hit but no fish, i keep moving up stream and this happends tons till i find a DEEP hole with tons of rocks i get a hit in there and dont hook the fish again! and right when im about to leave i think one more cast and BAM i see the fish take the bugger when it was almost out of the water. the fish didnt fight like i wished it to, but it kept trying to get down in the rocks and put up a good fight that way. he was a good 15" and so fat i could barley get my hand half way around him. so i ended up catch a couple fish in 2 new spots, caught my first fish on a streamer, and my first couple on flies i tied. i was walkin back to the car park with a huge grin on my face.

    fish on my zebra midge

    fish on a bugger

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    Default Re: couple of firsts today

    Looks like a successful day to me! I'm sure you were grinning ear to ear having finally landed a couple trout with a fly YOU tied! Nothing better than that! Congrats!

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    Default Re: couple of firsts today

    This is the exact reason why so many people tie flies....there is a special feeling when you catch a fish on a fly you tied!
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