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    Default Muddy stream fishing

    Whats the tactic for fishing a dirty stream? I stopped and watched some top feeding and if i would have had the rod along i would have tried it.

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    Default Re: Muddy stream fishing

    If they're rising, I would say fish it just like any other stream though if you're not getting any interest you might have to step up a size in fly... Otherwise, I'd go with a bigger, darker streamer and bang the banks and see what happens. Fish are going to want to stay in the same type of water that they're used to, and dirty water usually suggests higher water, so they'll likely be closer to the usual shoreline then they would otherwise be (at least that has been the case for me in the waters I fish).
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    Default Re: Muddy stream fishing

    Solid advice from Gator. Large, dark and a fly that will move the water and make noise when stripping. I'll sometimes go with a fly that has color that will serve as an attractor, like pink, chartreuse, orange, etc. My success has been limited in chocolate water, but when that water starts to clear on the other hand look out. A couple of weeks ago when I was out there was about 1 and 3/4 inches of rain that fell during one day. The next day was tough, but the day after that I saw fish that had gorged themselves on food like I have never seen before. Bellies so full that it was shocking they would still eat.
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    Default Re: Muddy stream fishing

    well, the creek was dirty, and high and fast. nothing top feeding, but managed to land a 10 incher and a 8 incher on a # 16 bh prince with a strike indicator above the old beaver dam.

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    Default Re: Muddy stream fishing

    Already some good advice...some fish were top feeding...use black dries

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    Default Re: Muddy stream fishing

    The tailwater I fished got really messed up last year from heavy rains. There was 17" of rain in a few days which brought the lake up 30' of really dirty water. After a couple months of continual release to get the lake at the bottom of power pool level, they shut it down and did there standard water release for power when necessary. Reading fishing reports for the White river when water was off color made me decide on these and they worked in the creamed colored coffee water I had to fish for months. Almost 6 months for the water to be back to normal


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    Default Re: Muddy stream fishing

    I fished in our streams yesterday with a few other guys and we all did really well. I wouldn't call the water chocolate milk, but it was pretty stained. Visibility of about a foot(or slightly less). The most luck we had was on streamers. I use black buggers with plenty of flash, and another friend used a very flashy minnow pattern. Flashy nymphs also worked well.

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    I normally go bigger with nymphs or use streamers on chocolate milk.

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