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Thread: Club outing in Mammoth area Pic heavy

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    I had a last minute offer to head up to Mammoth with a few guys from my flyfishing club. Condo was cheap, food for the day was cheaper than one meal at Denny's. I would gladly go again with these guys, I was able to learn alot especially on the last day at Hot Creek.

    We started off at the Lower O and last time I had checked the flows were in the 275 range.. Come to find out that later that day it was in the low 300's. Wading was a bit iffy and I went for a dunk at least once reaching for a fly that was stuck on submerged trees. Nothing like reaching down and having water flow over the waders!! Talk about a HELLO moment!!. I managed to catch the largest and most fish in one afternoon on the Lower O. Had 6 Browns to hand with most over 12 inches. Lost one and muttered to myself that I really need to get a net. We leave the Lower O and head up to one of the feeder creeks into Crowley and the spawn was on. Saw lots of fish and managed to catch lots of rainbows. I really like the red stripe on these bows but hate that the colors dont really show on camera. We only hiked and fished down for an hour to the first ladder. Every time I tell myself that I really need to explore this area more. Ohh and we managed to find a net... Only to find out later that afternoon at the condo's that someone in our club had lost one at the same waterway. We reunited the net with its owner. Someone will chime in with a Karma moment here

    Day two and we are heading off for colder waters on the road into the "park". This was the only day that I was skunked... I wish we would have explored the areas more but we did have a great time on new waters for some of us. We were going to head up the hilll a bit more but instead headed off to "hurry" creek.. Its brushy, and I really needed to be in "stealth" mode. Saw a few fish but they were spooked from 30 ft away... We ended the day early and went back to the condo for margarita's.. Hey even fly fishermen celebrate cinco de mayo.

    Day three and we decide that most of the crowd would be too hungover and we head off to the East Walker. I have been here once before and was skunked so I really didn't know what to expect. We were told by one of the guys at the club on one spot that worked out pretty good. It was not on the Miracle mile section. At first I thought that we would work upstream from where we parked but after heading up to the first pool and seeing people we headed a bit downstream. On the second cast Kurt hooks up and was happy. I at this time start thinking that its going to be a decent day. He was czech nymphing and I had never done that before. After watching him for a bit, I nervously undid the Thingamabobber and tried my luck. I stuck with it and had over 10 fish on for the day with 7 to hand or almost to hand.. Several never gave me permission to take thier pictures..

    Day 4 was at the local zoo for flyfisherman on the weekends. I was glad that today was Monday and that we would hopefully not have a crowd. I have been to this water three previous times and I knew that fishing would be tough. I have never caught a fish here before. After a while I silently muttered to myself that they are only fish and that they will be caught... I didn't have any flies that would work for the Caddis hatch for later in the day but I did have some zebra midges in a size 18 that might work. I tie off a stimi and use a midge as a dropper... Soon I was catching fish.. Not just small fish but I had hooked into several larger specimens... Again I wish I had a net!!! Too bad that all the ones that I had caught were not tired enough to pose for a picture. I had just had a fish on and thought it was tired enough, I go to grab it and it takes off and does another run... I lost that fish but had a buddy close by and wanted him to snap a pic of me.. As he is getting his camera ready, a three foot snake comes up from the bank and goes behind him... I was spooked to say the least... Quick glance at the snake again and its a harmless Gopher snake. After the snake incedent and a few pointers from someone in our club we were catching fish on the dries. There was a nice Caddis hatch going off but I didnt have any caddis in my fly box, so I clipped the tail off of the largest BWO that I had. It fooled a few trout so I managed to finish up at the zoo with the most I have caught there at 5 fish in the few hours that we were there. Next time up there I won't be so afraid of this waterway.

    On to some pics
    Its still cold out here

    Scotts first fish on day two

    Kurts first fish on his second cast at the EW

    A smile from one of the locals

    My first fish

    Kurt hooked up

    Look at the fin on this one... Now I know why I really need a net next time I am out here

    Scott with his first fish at the zoo

    I had just lost a fish when this guy comes up to say HI

    Ahh a destressed teacher!!!

    The view doesnt get any better than this

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    Hey those are some nice pictures! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great time was had.

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    Default Re: Club outing in Mammoth area Pic heavy

    Great trip report and photos. Good to see that some of the members are enjoying the rewards of a fishing club, those helpful tips from the senior members can turn a fishless day into some memorable fishing days. Congrats!

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    Default Re: Club outing in Mammoth area Pic heavy

    Nice TR, really like that low angle action shot with the sighter on the line. No Crowley action? milt.
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    Default Re: Club outing in Mammoth area Pic heavy

    Great photos. Looks like it was a productive and enjoyable trip!
    - Rick

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    Default Re: Club outing in Mammoth area Pic heavy

    Hey Tree catcher,

    Where you been? Great re-entry to posting with this report! Beautiful pictures and you guys had a ball by the looks and sounds of it.

    Welcome back,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milt spawn View Post
    Nice TR, really like that low angle action shot with the sighter on the line. No Crowley action? milt.
    We all wanted to hit creeks and stay off of the lake. Were more of a stream bunch, I did buy a float tube so one day I will get out on the lake and let the wind push me to the other side LOL

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