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    Bainbridge Island, Washington - The threat of a massive hard rock and open pit mining district in Bristol Bay has sparked three of the most recognizable names in fly fishing to come together for a fundraiser for Trout Unlimited Alaska.

    Sage Manufacturing, Redington Tackle & Apparel, and RIO Products International are creating a special ready-to-fish outfit that will be released by April 2008. Only 300 limited edition outfits will be produced.

    The outfit will come with a Sage Z-Axis 9-foot 8-weight rod and a Redington moss-colored CD 7/8 reel pre-spooled
    with RIO Gold fly line. A case will also be included, which will be embroidered with a unique graphical slogan, “More Precious Than Gold – Save Bristol Bay”. Purchased separately, this outfit would retail for more than $875. The companies plan to retail this special outfit for $600. It will be available to purchase directly from Sage, through, and through their authorized dealer network.
    From each outfit sold, Sage, Redington and RIO will donate $200 to Trout Unlimited Alaska. Through a special dealer program, any authorized dealer will have the opportunity to match the corporate donation. Total anticipated donation, which will be earmarked for campaign activities dealing with the Bristol Bay mining district as well as production, marketing and distribution of the film Red Gold, will be between $60,000 – $120,000.

    The 9-foot 8-weight Z-Axis is one of the most popular and sought after rods Sage currently produces. Because of this, Sage will commit one entire production day to manufacture the 300 rods for the outfits. Redington reels will be spooled with RIO fly line in-house by distribution staff, and a special informational brochure will be developed and inserted by the marketing & sales staff.

    “We’re dedicating one day for this cause so our entire company will feel involved in the campaign. Employees on the production floor don’t often get the opportunity to get involved on a public level, so this is an opportunity for them to do so. They will know that every rod, reel or case they touch that day will be for a great cause, and that sales will help Trout Unlimited Alaska fight mining development in this special region,” states Marc Bale, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “The health and vitality of sport fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska is important for our businesses. Keeping this ecosystem intact is important to our industry.”

    Sage, Redington and RIO are appropriately calling this event “One Day For Bristol Bay”

    To date, Sage, Redington and RIO have donated more than $10,000 for public and media awareness and the production of a new documentary about the region, entitled Red Gold, about the Bristol Bay fishery.

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    Hi to all,

    The mining situation in Alaska could have a terrible affect on the Bristol Bay fishery. Bristol Bay may be the greatest fishery in the world and it is being threatened by mining. It is a shame that the Alaska Governor is in favor of the mining activity and is helping to push it through. This is much worse than the clear cutting that was done on Admiralty Island and other locations. The clear cutting has ruined some pristine streams but the planed mining could be much worse. This is not just environmental idiots making outrageous claims like they did with the Oil Pipeline. This mining could be a disaster for the Bristol Bay fishing. This is a Hugh multi million acre mining district located at the headwaters of Bristol Bay. Go to this link and learn what is happening.


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