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    Default Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Despite the ridiculous wind and tough fishing, we were able to get into some fish. Shared some laughs with other fly folk and fished with Joel and Dave. Was a great weekend! =)

    I started out on Friday at Pybus. I ended up with 3 fish in the 22-24" range. They were right tight to the reeds along the north shore. They took a beaver leech hung under an indicator.

    Saturday I fished Patterson and Tokaryk. Fishing was tough on both lakes. I landed 4 fish in total for the day and a few little dinker stocker rainbows. I did manage a nice brown from Patterson using a beaver leech under an indicator tight to the reeds. I saw the fish working in the reeds slashing at baitfish and I hung the fly in his zone. Was a decent male.

    I went to Tokaryk in the afternoon. I caught one 22" rainbow close to the dock with a chironomid right off the bat. I then started working my way north along the west shoreline. I stopped a few times where I saw big mats of chironomid shucks and threw out the indicator. I had a chaotic little brown absolutely slam my chronie and leap out of the water 4 times! Was peeling drag pretty good too! Was a little fatty!

    I drove back to Pybus that night and got up at 5:30am to get an early start. I saw a few fish working the south shore near the launch but when I got over there with my float tube the action had vanished. The wind was kicking up out of the west and I decided to pull out and launch off the road on the north end of the lake. I worked my way along the north shoreline where I'd done well before but no luck. 5 hours later I finally spotted a couple fish rolling on baitfish near the pump house. I anchored my float tube and picked off two big rainbows on a beaver leech, a 28" and a fat 25".

    Joel fought the wind over to the spot and picked up a nice 27" right away on a scud. I switched to scuds too and we started getting into them pretty good! We had a double header on at one point. I Managed to pull 5 fish out of that one spot and Joel hooked 3 outta there too! Seemed like you just needed to be in the right spot at the right time. I was able to land a personal best at 28.25" as well! What a fight!

    Pybus is one of those lakes that you need the utmost patience to just sit and stare at an indicator...for hours! I stared for 5 hours, stopping at various spots and working the reeds, before I got a sniff. But the rewards...they're crazy! Those fish are zero-to-chaos in a split second!

    Joel and I decided to get outta the wind and fish the west side of Patterson for the afternoon/evening. I met him over there and same as the day before, fishing was tough slugging. I landed one fish from the flats on the west side of the south island. Was a nice male brown that was tucked into some flooded timber and surrounded by a ring of reeds. It took everything I had in my 6-wt to keep him out of danger! lol. Worked out good though...except that Joel was nowhere to be found to snap a mugshot for me! :P I never get photos with browns. :-/

    Later in the evening the wind died right out. I was hoping things would pick up but they never did turn on. Joel did get a nice female brown right at sunset, and I was there to snap some photos for him! :P (just teasing ya bud)

    All in all it was a great weekend. I'm physically exhausted from that wind though and LONG days on the water! I think I put close to 40 hours on the water this weekend! :-/


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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!


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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Wow, Nick you are landing some absolute monsters, but from the sound of it you are putting in the time and effort and have been well rewarded for it. Congrats!

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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Pictures of these fish make it very hard to not plan a trip to the Parklands. We have friends that go there 2 times a year, two weeks at a time. I guess it's time to really think about going with them.
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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Thanks guys!

    Was certainly a lot of time on the water, feeling it this morning. I estimated I was on the water 40 hours over three days! I know on Sunday I was on the water for 15hrs with just a 1hr break between lakes. lol.

    If you've never been to the area I highly suggest coming out. It's stillwater fishing and whether you chuck streamers and fish chronies, you'll catch big fish. If you are planning on coming up, send me a PM and I'll prep you on everything you'll ever need to know on how to fish it, what to bring, what to do in certain situations, etc. lol. It's my second home in the spring. =P


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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Quote Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post

    What he said.

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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Nice fish Nick! Double Wooozer whatever that means!
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    Default Re: Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!

    Nick those are really nice fish and some great pics.With all time you spent on the water you really deserved to catch those and have a great trip like that..

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