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Thread: Where's Run-Off?

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    Default Where's Run-Off?

    If any of you are familiar with how much snow we have had here in Colorado the last couple of years you know we have had some unusually high muddy run-offs given all the low water years.

    Well this year its just the opposite...we don't have much snow pack to speak of and so I figured I would bypass the still water and take the kids to a good nearby stream that would normally be too high to cross let alone be able to fish.

    The fishing wasn't gang busters but was good enough! The kids had a ball and the weather was perfect.

    These creek fish were not really eager to come to the surface so I set them up with a good bobber and nymph rig that seemed to do the trick...needless to say we had trout for dinner and the boys were on cloud 9. (me too)

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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    looks like a really fun day with your sons! Congrats to all

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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    Awesome! Love seeing the young guys fishing. Looks like a great day and they enjoyed it. Way to go!
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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    I'm writing before I Rep your post but I'll send the rep soon as I post this............ Beautiful!

    I always enjoy your posts here


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    Very nice! I always enjoy fishing with my boys, but they are teens now.

    I am here:

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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    Sounds (and looks) like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing!
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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    great looking area and a nice little stream to take the lads. Looks like Gunnison area? Maybe near Currecanti? No need to verify, I just like to guess from the pics.
    Those boys are gonna be pros!

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    My sons are 36 and 31. We enjoy fishing together, but life and distance are our enemies these days. Enjoy your sons while you can... as often as you can...

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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    What a great treat for you and your boys!

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    Default Re: Where's Run-Off?

    Nice Pics with the Boys,next step is to give them each a Rod,get them keen ,then let them Tie all your Flies.

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