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Thread: Fly line, Sage ONE 6wt, Taupo region NZ

  1. Default Fly line, Sage ONE 6wt, Taupo region NZ

    Hi all,
    I have a Sage ONE 6wt which I'll be using on the Tongariro and other rivers around the Taupo region of New Zealand.
    Hope I don't lose too many of you, but I'll be indicator fishing.
    From all reports the ONE casts well with a true to weight rio gold, but I doubt that will be suitable for indicator fishing. I don't think I want to overline it.

    So far the two lines I'm most likely to buy would be the rio steelhead/salmon, and the rio indicator. After that maybe the SA textured indicator.

    Problem is, going by the AFTMA 30ft Ratings, 6wt 160 (152-168) 7wt 185 (177-193) theres a bit of a difference between them all.

    The 6wt rio steelhead/salmon 30ft is 168 (same as rio gold), total head 58' 310 head weight.

    The rio indicator 6wt first 30ft is 185 (ie a 7wt!?) total head 68' 350 head weight.

    So the indicator line has a 10' longer head, but is overlining the rod. The 5wt indicator line has the 6wt AFTMA rating (160). Both lines have a long head compared to the rio gold, so should both be good for mending I guess?

    Has anyone fished either of these lines on a ONE rod? Would love to hear if you've fished the area with a 6wt and what rod/line combo you used too!

    Thanks all, any input is welcome.

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    Default Re: Fly line, Sage ONE 6wt, Taupo region NZ

    Your mileage may vary, but I like the salmon and steelhead taper in the WF7F configuration on the Sage One. When I throw all that hardware (indo-float-a-bobicator, weight, multiple flies), I prefer to feel the rod bend further down the blank. This allows the rod to throw open loops more efficiently

    Some Northern California guides are fishing six weight Ones with WF8F salmon and steelhead tapers. Some of their clients need as much feeling the rod load more.


  3. Default Re: Fly line, Sage ONE 6wt, Taupo region NZ

    Thanks Dennis. Went with the 6wt rio indicator - 185 30ft, 350 68' head. Steelhead wouldve been 193 30ft (top end of 7wt), same weight head but 59'.
    I'll get the rio indicator quicker too since it's coming with the rod instead of overseas off ebay :-) Thanks for your input. Too many choices with all this stuff!

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