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  1. Default Smith Optics sunglasses, mirror or not?

    Hi, Im MartinA.

    Im gone buy a pair of Smith Optics sunglasses to see the fish beneath the water-surface.

    I am going for Polarchromic Copper glass-lenses, but can choose Copper or Copper Mirror..

    Have anyone of you tried both Copper and Copper Mirror for this purpose? Any difference?
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  2. Default Re: Smith Optics sunglasses, mirror or not?

    Both work great. The mirror will be slightly darker, but the performance should be very similar. Love my Smiths!

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    Default Re: Smith Optics sunglasses, mirror or not?

    I had the polarchromic coppers and used the heck out of them for two weeks, at which point they were stolen out of my car. HOWEVER, they were the best pair of lenses I had ever had and I am certainly going to buy another pair when I have the money again. I liked the coppers because I was able to use them even in very low light.
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    Default Re: Smith Optics sunglasses, mirror or not?

    Excelent qulaity lenses and cooper is a great choice. I advise to not get the mirror coating as it reduces light transmission via reflection from the polarized angle that you want to recieve light from.

  5. Default Re: Smith Optics sunglasses, mirror or not?

    Yes, another guy did said that too, said the mirror kind of steel litle light. I have not tried myself though.

    But I got to try smith polarchromic-copper and -amber. I felt like amber was maybe even better then copper of sight in the river, at least in that river I tested them. Copper was slightly darker and then maybe slightly more pleasant regarding strong sun, but much the same I will say.

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