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    Default Brown Trout County

    I headed up to Brown Trout County this morning to explore a new section of stream. I started off in the higher elevation and was expecting to find some natives.

    I was quickly into a bunch of these, but no natives.

    I hiked downstream a good ways but I guess I overestimated how far I walked, within 2 hours I was back at the trail. I decided to hike out and drive downstream and fish a section I have fished before, I know it's home to some big trout.

    Within 5 minutes, I had this guy. The picture does not do this fish justice, that's all I'm saying, he was pretty nice.

    That rainbow would be the last trout of the day. I did fish on for a while, catching quite an assortment of other species.

    I finally decided to call it a day. Quality was decent today and the scenery was beautiful. I am a bit surprised, but I saw no snakes today. With all the pit viper reports lately, I was sure I would run into at least one. Not complaining, I'm glad I did not see any.

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    Default Re: Brown Trout County

    Great looking fish, congrats on a great day on the water! I don't like snakes either so any snakeless day is a good day in my book.

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    Default Re: Brown Trout County

    Great pics! Quite a mix of fish there!
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    Default Re: Brown Trout County

    Those little browns are beautiful. Nice mix . Streams obviously a healthy fishery!
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    Default Re: Brown Trout County

    Looks like you had a great day in some beautiful country! The pictures are wonderful! I really like those small mountain laurel covered streams. Congrats on the productive, snake-less outing. I am with Larry, I prefer not to see them either!
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