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    Default some sierra fishing

    Got out yesterday to a new favorite fishing spot and had a ton of fun! caught about 60+ fish nothing huge but all were fun to catch. One section was literally a fish every cast they were even hitting dry fly's. My girlfriend and I had a great time and cant wait to get back out again I'm really starting to love this fly fishing thing! kept some planters for dinner.

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    Default Re: some sierra fishing

    Got to love those stocker streams. Nice job.

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    Default Re: some sierra fishing

    Congrats, looks like you had a great day on the water.

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    Was that the stanislaus river?

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    Default Re: some sierra fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by NickFlyer View Post
    Was that the stanislaus river?
    A little higher than that.
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    Default Re: some sierra fishing

    Nice going Rick... I fished that area a lot when I lived in CA, and do miss float-tubin' the high country, Sigh....Now I have to suffer through the flats of FL and central America....
    Fishing the world....1 Flat at a time.....

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    Talking Re: some sierra fishing

    Looks like you had a fantastic day on the river.

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    Glad you had some success, I fish more on the south and east side of sierras. Be careful holding on to rod that high, that can be a quick way to snap it.

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