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Thread: Small Trout Religion?

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    Talking Re: Small Trout Religion?

    I did a guided float trip on the San Juan river and I caught some 24 inch sized trout in the catch and releash water. when were through the float trip my party went to just after the strech of catch and release water and we had a field day catching 10 to 13 inch trout and I mean a lot of them and quite frankly it was as much fun as were had on the guided float trip.

    I have to admit I love catching big trout on a fly rod but I never turn an opportunity to catch any trout large or small.

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    Default Re: Small Trout Religion?

    I have yet to catch a monster trout (considering I only caught my first trout this past weekend). But I have had the joy of catching large bass and crazy big warmouth in my life time and nothing is more fun than hooking up a nice warmouth on ultralight equipment. I am starting to feel that my trout fishing will be much in the same. 2-3wt rods with ultralight tippets and small flies.

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    Default Re: Small Trout Religion?

    Small streams are my choice as well, although I will fish anywhere there is a chance of catching a trout. I do have a Tenkara and enjoy fishing with it during backpacking trips because it is so easy to carry, however, I still prefer the "normal" way of fly fishing.

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    Small streams are no doubt fun and probably my preferred stream type when trout fishing. Those streams where only a tight cast will do, the kind you can take a step or two to cross are a blast! Catching fish on a 3wt makes those little ones feel much larger than they are. Oh yeah, there may or may not be some pulling out of hair in there untangling your leader from brush lining the stream banks. Still, I enjoy fishing larger streams as well after spending a day or two on the small ones. It's nice to mix it up a bit. I appreciate the casting room and I really like throwing streamers and those larger waters hold higher numbers of larger fish. Generally speaking of course. Apologies to Tenkara fans in advance, but Tenkara is not something that interests me in the least.
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    I guess it depends, I dont think a fish is really small unless it cant put up a fight. Some of the "smallest" fish I have caught were over 18" (Rocky ford creek in WA). They are super docile and used to being caught. However one of the largest I have brought in was a 12" cut in idaho. He was a giant!

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    Oh oops, to sum it up. I just go for fish. Size just kind of happens.

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    Default Re: Small Trout Religion?

    Love the light rods, small streams. I just bought a G.Loomis Whispercreek GLX 8' 8" 3wt and decided to give a try on the East Walker River in the Sierra Nevada. I loved the casting and had a great time. However the first fish I caught was a 16" brown in fairly fast water. Boy I put that rod up after that evening and went to my 5wt. I'll use that rod for it's intented use, small water and smaller fish! The Tenkara rods are super cool. I have two, a 17' and a 25' which I use japanese long floats. Awesome fun!

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    If its a religion count me in. Im like most, I wont pass up an oppurtunity to catch fish but sometimes catching small fish can be just as fun depending on the company and scenery.

    Picture is kinds blurry but that's a size 16 royal coachman for perspective

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    Default Re: Small Trout Religion?

    I enjoy all aspects of fishing but the pic above sums up the cut off for me. If a stream is mainly a nursery area and full of par in my opinion they should be left alone to grow and mature.

    If it is mainly small "adult" fish then fill your boots and have a fun day with tricky casting and an intimate envrionment.

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    Default Re: Small Trout Religion?

    Danielp I understand what you are saying but all streams and lakes are a nursery for all trout and you cant fish it without catching one or two little guys. Its almost unstoppable.

    I don't mean any offense by this but if that's a cut of than you almost cant fish anywhere but the middle of any large body of water to stay away from young fish.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    Default Re: Small Trout Religion?

    I understand that, everyone catches par at some point but I have seen posts on other forums where people spend the whole day catching nothing but par and consider it a good day.

    In my experience par shoal up quite tightly in certain areas of the streams I fish, if I end up catching a few from a spot I move on in search of their parents and leave the young guys alone. IMO it is not the size of the fish that is questionable ethically it is their age.

    There was a big debate about this on the UK sister site to this one a while ago where people were posting trip reports with dozens of photos of par on them. The general consensus (and I agree) was that catching par is unavoidable but should try to be minimalised when fishing these streams and when you do catch one it certainly shouldn't be photographed but unhooked in the water to give it the best chance of growing to a breeding age.


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