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Thread: Trout ID needed

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    Default Trout ID needed

    Hi All,

    Can anybody ID this trout for me. Im not sure which species it is. I caught it in a river on the Olympic Peninsula.


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    pic didn't open for me.

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    all sorted now, its working

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    Looks like a rainbow to me. I catch wild ones like that all the time in SoCal.

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    Default Re: Trout ID needed

    Bow. Rainbow!
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    Thanks for that. Ive not caught wild rainbows before. The white strip on the anal fin confused me.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but usually the white strip on the anal and pectoral fin indicate wild trout, whereas stockers don't have that.

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    It is a rainbow but its pronounced par markings suggest it is of the migratory, steelhead, variety.

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    Default Re: Trout ID needed

    I'm with s&s on this one, the big eye on the thing caught my eye too. In addition to what Greg said about the white stripe, another indicator of the possibility of it being wild is the pristine state of the fish's fins. The fins of stockers get beat up from being packed in with all their brothers and sisters competing for little chunks of food falling from the heavens (aka their pellet hoppers). I don't know if they clip adipose fins on the stockers see in that part of the country, but that is a dead giveaway for stocked fish where they do it.
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    Thanks all for the information.

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