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Thread: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

  1. Default bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    So as I was fishing my local trout stream pre first stocking of the year (this being VA there is not usually many holdovers) I landed a dozen bluegill on a dozen casts. Seriously, I was counting. This being a small stream with very few holdover trout, I would like to improve the populations of holdovers and to improve the stream for stockers.

    Would I have been right to pitch the fish in the woods to leave more food for the stockers? Would that have serious impacts on food availability for the future trout stocking?
    Would leaving the bluegill in help lead to larger trout even if the stocklings are all 1 or 2 year old rainbows?

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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    if the trout aren't holding over, then there is probably other circumstances going on then just bluegills. I will never kill a fish I am not going to eat.

    So you probably shouldn't sweat it if the stream is a good one for trout to inhabit then they will establish a population- if it is only meant for stocking, then there isn't a lot one person can do for it.

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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    Have to side with Newby on this one. The bluegill are only one small factor in the equation.

    With that said, if you would like to go out and catch your limit of gills to get them out of the water, rock on but do something useful with them like a fish fry. They are delicious.

    However, I wouldn't go in with the notion that you and you alone will be able to keep up with reproduction.
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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    Bluegill may be small but they're are good to eat. Just filet out each flank and then pitch the frames.......(I actually use the frames to make "fish tea" for my garden, but this really stinks so hopefully you wouldn't have neighbors )
    It's not possible to over-fish bluegill. They reproduce that quickly. But you can improve the population of what's left.
    For a couple of years at a local lake the residents held a kid's bluegill contest and collected barrels and barrels of stunted little 'gills. This of course was fun for the kids, but it also improved the quality of the fishing in the lake immensely for both the panfish and bass that remained.
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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    Pitch them in the woods?!! Pitch 'em in some corn meal and then some hot olive oil would be more appropriate. If bluegills thrive in that water then trout will not thrive for long. That is most definitely a put and take trout fishery.

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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    I agree with Rip Tide. I think its almost impossible to overfish a bluegill population. Culling the gills caught will probably do nothing but improve the size and health of the remaining population. Whether to eat or throw on the bank is a personal decision IMO.

    As for improving the trout prospects, I doubt it would have much, if any, positive effect.

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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    Im going to go with newby on this one. If they are stocking the stream and there arent many, if any, hold overs, the water probably gets too warm throughout the rest of the year to support a healthy trout population. The bluegill have hardly anything to do with it.
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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    The Gills belong there, thrive there and so on. sadly the trout don't. If there is a lack of holdovers then there is water temperature issues. If you want to improve the potential for more holdovers, I would get with the local TU chapter and see what can be done to improve the riparian habitat and or adding structure.
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    Alot of places encourage the culling of blue gills. I'm a little particular about what water I eat fish out of, but otherwise, I'll eat a few 'gills.

    They are dang fun to catch on a 3wt.
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    Default Re: bluegill culling on trout streams opinion

    Your fishing for bluegills, regardless of what you do with them after they're caught, will have no effect on the trout population. If it's non-polluted water, I'll second or third or whatever the suggestion of a fish fry. Bluegill is damn good eatin'.

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