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    There was a programme here yesterday featuring mauritous.They were not allowed to use cameras to film within the area and used undercover cameras instead.The amount of Tuna which was being unloaded from the huge ships was a disgrace.They reckon nearly 2/3,s of tuna stock has gone and by 2050 will be extinct.This is just Tuna.

    Our fish stocks around Uk coasts are in rapid decline they are being hit every which way.Not to mention Salmon stocks.

    If we are to be serious and to enjoy our future fishings,then we need stocked waters to take the pressure off the wild to allow them to grow again to sustainable levels before we lose too much.

    Just a view from the outside.

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    Size ten Olive bugger fished as fast as you can strip it in while still 2-4 inches under the surface. I fish for trout almost exactly like bass.

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    The way I see it they were only stocked on the 16th October,firstly they have to get acclimatised to their new waters,also they have always been fed,so when they become really hungry they will be looking for food.
    If there are insects around & they don't rise they would be more than likely to be taking them below The Surface as they have to eat.
    Try all the different Flies suggested,I'd also try Glo Bugs The colour of their Eggs,you might just get Lucky.
    Good Luck.

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