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Ard 10-28-2012 11:19 PM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
Slow action on tight waters is definitely an advantage. When I got my bamboo flea rod I was in heaven with the slow motion fishing I could do with it. The little 6'3" rod is a graphite and I use it for fishing streamers not dries and have learned to do roll / mini Spey casts with it to fit darn near any situation. The Bow & Arrow cast sometimes has to be employed on the streams I fish.

Of course there are open areas where I could be using my 9' 5 weight or an 8' rod but there would be too many spots that I could not fish with the longer rods. My theory on rods for small creeks is: you can cast a short rod pretty far on an open stretch but you can't fit a long rod into the really tight niche's very easily.

On big creeks and rivers I go the opposite; the bigger the rod the better. The thinking there is that you can catch a small fish on a big rod just fine but catching a big fish on a small rod can go badly.

plecain 10-29-2012 06:40 AM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
Another vote for the short rod.

In NH we have a lot of really small streams in the mountains. I have a 6' 2wt St Croix Imperial that I use for those streams.

cochise 10-29-2012 08:06 AM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
When you down size to such a small rod pay close attention to the reel and its weight.

One thing I have found is reals for those smaller rods have to be weight balanced...they can kill the balance, feel and castability of a short rod in a hurry with a reel that is to heavy.

tbblom 10-29-2012 08:45 AM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
Sounds a lot like fishing front range creeks and subalpine headwaters.
Plenty of that stuff around here. With creeks being so low last summer, much of my creek fishing was tight overhung headwaters at altitude.

1. 7'6" 3wt has changed my life on small streams! TFO pro was very affordable. Not much 'traditional' over the shoulder casting needed on small creeks. roll, slingshot, oval, and other casts without a back cast will be best.

2. Go dry dropper. Indicators are better on bigger water IMO. Might be surprised how many fish will take a cricket, ant or hopper out of season.
If it is shallow, no need to spook them with a fluorescent bubble. 2 fly rigs will outperform, just because they get snagged less than 3 fly rigs. Switch to parachute adams, elk caddis, or other buoyant fly if they are eating smaller stuff. Avoiding the indy will give you 'stream cred' with the crusty types:cool:

3. shorten your leader to rod length and hide behind rocks on the approach. A 12ft leader is no fun on a 8ft rod. Work downstream hiding behind rocks and plopping your rig in every pocket, or work upstream and stay low out of view. If your fly line is so flashy that you need a 12' leader, consider buying something more drab (olive, tan, brush, willow, or even clear). willow green seems to not offend, fluorescent yellow probably will.

I personally like to wear camo in tight cover. some people will point to snell's refraction window and claim that fish can't see outside of it. But I have seen fish spook just based on light changes outside of what they can see clearly. Kind of fun to hunt fish and catch the ones you sight

Where are you located on the front range? Might be able to point you to some cool creeks.

mike63 10-29-2012 09:24 PM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
Hey guys,

I'm in Colorado Springs. Love it here but there is no "great" place to fish unless I drive an hour or more. Not complaining though, could be worse. I have family in the Black Hills so get there occasionally. My uncle taught me to fly fish and lives there. He's retired and fishes several days a week so I have a "free" guide so to speak.

tbblom is right about being sneaky. I saw a gorgous Rainbow hovering in a shallow sandy bottom pool and I had to carefully bushwack my way down there and try to figure out how on earth to get a fly in front of him. All that effort was for not...he was gonzo by the time I got to the scene.

Sounds like I should get a shorter stick...another excuse to get a rod. The fly guy is a guide but I can't imagine an 8 1/2 footer in this particular spot. The G2 sells for something like $740 too...a lot to part with for a stream that is 8 hours from home that I visit twice per year. I have a Lamson Litespeed 1.5 reel, should be balanced well for a shorter rod.

tbblom 10-30-2012 07:37 AM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
Do you really want to go bushwhacking with a $740 stick?! (better have a good replacement plan!) Especially just for a few days a year.

Something that nice is, well, very nice. But not necessary for what you are aiming for. Get something equivalent to a $150 TFO, throw that Lamson 1.5 on it and call it good! I have a scott A4 5wt. The 7'6" 3wt might be a good option at half the cost of the G2. The 5wt casts ridiculously easy (AND far too!)

Here is one of the nicer fish I've caught on the 3wt. Surprising how much backbone the TFO 3wt has in the butt section.

Now if you really want to get fancy, check out the sage oo wt.

mike63 10-30-2012 06:39 PM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
That is a very nice fish for a 3 wt. I like the way my 4 wt A4 casts...will need to try the 5 wt.

I see that Orvis now makes the Clearwater rod in a 7 ft 4 wt. It has some great online reviews. Entry level at only $198, must be popular as it's backordered until 18 Nov. Doubtful the local fly shop here has one to cast but worth a phone call. Orvis evidently has great service and a return policy. The Superfine Touch series looks nice too but starts tipping the budget.

mike63 12-10-2012 08:01 PM

Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
I decided to get the Clearwater 7 ft 4 wt. I can use my Lamson Litespeed reel with 4 wt line. Orivs had a $15 coupon last week and free shipping so about $180 to the door. Will cast it in a couple days when things warm up a bit here. There are shorter rods but 7 ft for Spearfish Creek should work in most places there. Nice looking rod for the money and doesn't seem too stiff during the "wiggle test."

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