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Thread: Catching Up

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    Default Catching Up

    In mid September I made a trip to some creeks here in Idaho for some Yellowstone Cutts and Snake River Fine Spotted Cutts. A few browns were also thrown into the mix here and there.

    This first stream makes some nice runs and pools as it winds through the mountains. It is such a beautiful area. I always enjoy this stream even on the times when I donít catch much.

    My first fish was a nice little average sized Yellowstone cutthroat.

    The streams have really suffered from the drought and are about one half to one third their usual size. One of my very favorite small Idaho stream is so low that parts of it are completely dry. It was heartbreaking to see. At least this stream has sufficient water, and it was encouraging to see some nice fingerling cutts in the shallows and weeds.

    The fishing was fairly good for both the Yellowstones and the SR Fine Spotted Cutts. Here is a picture of one of the SR Fine Spotted Cutts from these canyon runs.

    The next stream section I hit was lower down and had some slower pools and bends.

    The first fish was a nice little average sized SR Fine Spot Unfortunately a few small ones were all I caught for awhile.

    The grassy undercut banks were the ambush positions of some nice fish. I should know Ö. I spooked a lot of them! In fact I was getting a bit discouraged here, as I couldnít find a fly that the fish wanted. I could have put a nymph or streamer on, but I really love fishing a dry fly on small creeks. They didnít want anything I had and I tried a bunch, including the obvious Stimulators, Renegades, hoppers, beetles, Royal Wulffs, caddis, and even an Adams. What else is there if you canít get a fish on a parachute Adams??

    Finally I hit on wasps, or rather they were hitting on me as I slapped one away from my face. There were dozens of wasps along this stream.. .. hmmm. I had one fly in my box that had a half yellow and brown body with a gold rib that was about the right size. I put it on and the very same fish that had come up and looked at my last offering with distain, grabbed this fly with gusto. Whether the fish were taking it as a wasp or maybe a golden stone I donít know, and maybe they didnít know either. All I know is that it worked!
    Fish on and day saved!

    I caught a few more, then returned to my truck for a snack and some quick tying. The original fly was brown yarn on the top and a yellow belly, gold rib and tag, a collar of grizzly and an over wing of calf tail. It was a little bit similar to a small stimulator, but the body was shorter and fatter. Not having all of the materials with me, I simply used brown dubbing with a piece of dark yellow yarn stretched over the belly section under the ribbing. For the over wing I used Anitron. I didnít even have any hackle small enough. So I hacked to size what I had. Oh well, the fly still worked even if it looked like a fly tying nightmareÖ.Most of my flies do!

    Here are some more friends that fly introduced me to:

    We do have some beautiful streams!

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    Default Re: Catching Up

    I think that could be how it is in heaven...small streams with undercut banks, figuring out the right bug AND actually having said bug. :-)

    nice report...-mike

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    Default Re: Catching Up

    I already want to get back on my local creeks...

    Nice pics, gotta love the cutthroats.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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