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Thread: December Day

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    Worked 3 hours yesterday then called my son who was off work and on winter break from college to do some fishing.We got on the water around 11am and stayed til around 4.The fishing was not to fast but we did catch a few on a olive tungston bead hares ear.Most fish were between 10 and 14".
    Here are some pictures of the fish and the water.

    It was a good evening to be out with my son.

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    Great looking water as well as bows! Nothing beats a day out with your son !
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
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    Excellent post. The water and the colored up rainbows remind me of one of my favorite streams here in Idaho - the Big Lost River.

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Beauties, those. Curious as to the water and air temps there yesterday. You must love this time of year! milt.
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    Great post. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and am glad you were able to get out with your son. Thanks for posting them.
    - William

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    Milt, i didn't take water temp but i'm guessing in the mid 40's the air temp got to 61 around 3pm it was nice but now we are in the 30's with 50mph winds today. Makes me glade i got out on Wednesday.

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    It seems your son had the right idea to spend some hours at that beautiful location - Thanks for the great pictures
    Best regards from Germany,


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