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Thread: Nymph Box

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    Quote Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
    Add a couple Pink Squirrels.. nice little pattern that is in just about anyone's box that lives here in the DA
    Those and some of Dennis Potter's Lightening Bugs.

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    you can never go wrong with a red ass or a partridge and green. ill tie my red asses with a red hook to add to the redness.

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    Your selection looks good to me and I think you got some good advice from others posts. Other patterns that have worked for me that I'd consider adding are:

    Prince Nymph and/or Zug Bug
    Caddis Patterns: Z Wing Caddis, Caddis Pupah or other
    WD 40 and/or HBI
    Wooly Worm

    Good luck.


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