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  1. Default Coldwater Clothing Advice

    I'm going to fishing in Northern Arizon in february. Being a saltwater guy by location, I am unfamiliar with what clothing to to use for weather in the mid-30s to low 20s? And Advice on jackets, etc?

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    Default Re: Coldwater Clothing Advice

    Hi rebelfly,

    Will you be fishing Lee's Ferry or some other place?


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    Default Re: Coldwater Clothing Advice

    Gotta have waders. Neoprenes would be ok in that climate, but I'd still call breathables your best choice. Wear the wooliest and thickest sock you can fit into your boots and waders without them feeling snug.

    I'd go with a midweight long underwear bottom (poly or wool, cotton=vurybad) and a light or midweight fleece layer as well. (can skip the fleece pant if in neoprenes.

    Upper body- a light or midweight layer on your skin, a midweight fleece layer, and a shell jacket of some sort. (waterproof/breathable, windproof at minimum) Make sure at least one layer will protect your neck as well.

    Wear a hat for sure, windproof fleece would be ideal. Windproof fleece gloves also help, but if the rest of you (and especially your head) is warm, you might be alright without gloves. Fingerless ragg wool gloves with the flip top mitten is a good and generally much cheaper option too.

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    I just have to mirror the above mentioned items. I normally use neoprenes when fishing in cold weather/water with some long johns under. Remember layer your clothing; you may start out freezing in the morning and it may warm up to the 50's by mid-afternoon.

    A small hip flask of El Presidente Brandy helps as anti-freeze, too.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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    Frank...Lee's Ferry

    To the other replies: Thanks. As always, I appreciate you being will to share your experience and knowledge.

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    Got back from fishing the Missouri at Craig yesterday. The weather was in the low 30's with a 10+mph wind. The water temp was 33 degrees. I had on a union suit, wool socks, and 3mm neoprene waders. Although my toes got a little cold, the rest of me wasn't cold the whole day. I suggest good neoprenes, heavy socks, chemical warm packs (for hands), and a flask of blackberry brandy! If you don't usually fish cold weather areas, use your normal waders and layer the clothes. Like said above, you can always strip down if you get to warm.

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    Just me, but I haven't used neoprene in years.
    I fish year round here in the rocky mountains. I wear Orvis nylon medium weight pants and top (Orvis has been the best that I have found, but they are not cheap) a pair of Smart Wool socks made for fishing with the thinner material at the ankle. I wear regular light weight pants over that with a heavy sweatshirt to the river where I will then put on the Fleece Bibs with the foot stirrups and a wool jacket instead of the sweatshirt which is made of cotton (cotton is a no, no). On the really cold days I will wear a down filled shirt over the wool jacket. Top that off with my breathable waders and a tailwater jacket and good gloves with the disposable hand warmers.
    These days, I would say with the proper under garments, you really don't need neoprene. Breathable are also wind resistant which does help to keep you warm. I always sweat in neoprene which is not a good thing.
    With what I described, I fished the snake at 11:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving in Idaho Falls, and the only thing that got real cold was my finger tips (fingerless gloves) and my nose.

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    Here in the Rockies I use my breathable waders layered with polartec tops and bottoms. I wear wool merino socks and a wind/water proof jacket. I also have a pair of neoprene gloves with fingers that pull back and a fleece hat.

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    Default Re: Coldwater Clothing Advice

    I have been fishing quite a bit this winter in Montana. Even on days when it has been as cold as 5-10degrees. When it gets really cold i wear a fleece longjohns, flanel pajama's, breathable waders. A drywick teeshirt, a thin fleece layer, then a northface liner inside my waders, and then a shell outside And i am fine in really cold weather.

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    All the above is excellent advise on what to wear. The biggy though is to remember what not to wear: cotton. Stay away from it.

    Joe D.
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