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Thread: 8WT Rod Suggestion

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    I think TFO makes a rod that is a single hander and then you can switch the butt section and create a switch rod. The one I have seen is a seven wt. TiCR X plus a conversion kit. This might be the answer to both bass and steel.

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    Just a couple of thoughts here.

    In addition to a two handed rod, you may also need to add a reel to balance it and to hold the extra line that would go on it so it might be more of an expense than you have considered. Perhaps you have a larger reel or perhaps you've already given this consideration. Just putting that out there.

    The other thing is, have you cast a two hander before? If not, I might suggest doing so before making that commitment. Personally, I find it fun, but others seem to prefer single handed rods. Also, you can do many of the casts with a single hander that you would do with a two hander if you have the right line on it.

    Can you tell us a general locale of where you're fishing and what type of body of water--rivers/streams or lakes/ponds? What size flies you typically throw for each species? Do you intend to use this more for bass or steelhead/salmon?

    I own a switch rod and have cast it with two hands as well as single hand. It is on the light side as is the reel paired with it and I certainly prefer casting my single hand rod if I'm nymphing for steelhead because it is much lighter. The only distinct advantage of my switch for nymphing is that it's an extra foot longer AND I can cover more water with it. There are probably just a few spots on the streams I fish where covering more water really comes into play. I can cover 90% of that water with my single hand rod. The switch is just something different to play with and fun for me. I might err on the side of caution here and recommend a single hander to cover your bases FIRST. Then add a switch--then again the answers to the questions I've asked might cause me to rethink this recommendation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randyflycaster View Post
    I'm not sure, but I don't think bass and salmon/steelhead rods go together.
    They probably dont but Im interested in something that can reach out and touch more fish. I live in Va and my Sage 5wt gets most of the work on streams and thin water. When the temp goes up, I will still be looking at some trout streams but will the easier stuff to access will be large and smallmouth, stripers, musky and then a trip to Newfoundland for Salmon. My sister lives in Colorado so I would like to use that as a reason to go to some surrounding areas and chase steelheads.

    I am looking for something that can be versatile enough to handle anything from large mouth to salmon and steelhead. Should I just stick with a single hand then? I cannot justify a dedicated two hand spey rod because I wont be able to chase salmon and steelhead nearly enough. This is why a switch rod appeals to me. Something that can WF floating line with a fly and then throw big streamers with heavier line (without killing my shoulder hence, a two hand rod).

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by baseman1 View Post
    I love my Orvis Clearwater 9wt and can only imagine an 8 wt would be just as nice. I use my 7wt noname rod for smallies as it is shorter and easier to set the hook on them.
    they had a clear water 8wt. that was a broom handle for the surf, could cast a country mile with it. i got one when I worked for Orvis
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    Oh, as for reel, I have a Hardy St. Aidan to go on it.

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    The St. Aidan will make a fine switch reel! I have a St. John on mine but have always admired the St. Aidans. If you want the versatility of casting comfortably single hand as well as two hand, you will want a light rod if you are going this route. If not, then a single hand might be a better option.

    Not sure what your budget is, but man those new Sage One rods are light. I am fishing a Z Axis, which you might find on closeout if you look around. Also light rods, though the One is lighter so I hear.

    Honestly, I'd think I'd lean in the direction that the greatest versatility in your case would be a single hand rod. The only thing that makes me hesitate on that end is that you're looking for something that would be easier on the shoulder--which casting a two hander can be, assuming you are two handing it. It can be a real chore to cast single hand all day though.

    Can you get to a fly shop and cast one to see what you think? If so, try it single hand and two hand.
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    I picked up the St. Aidan as an NOS (new old stock) reel. Its probably from the 70s and never been used. Came with a spare spool as well. The thing with my shoulder is this. I broke my collar bone in three pieces, had it put back together and then could not use my right arm for about 6 months. Shoulder locked up so now, I do not have full range of motion anymore and hours of constant movement, like casting, kill me. I want the benefits of a longer rod with a heavier line but I am weary of the weight penalty. A long, heavy switch rod in one hand arrangement will be too much for me in short time.

    Maybe I should go two handed and not worry about a switch rod at all...

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    I was reading through this thread for the first time and Jaybo hit my first thought about experience with two handed casting. There is a learning curve and also different line types that can affect how you cast.

    I suggest making the trip to a fly shop and trying them out. I had a Winston I really enjoyed and I cast a buddies older 7wt Winston and really liked it, so I bought a 8wt BIIx without trying it out first. Turns out we were not a good match and I plan to sell it. So just go try a few out and see what works for you.

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    So, I have done some reading and a little more research and have decided that I am going to continue to look for a single hand 8 weight with a good fighting butt. It needs to be light in weight though because of my shoulder. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    LOL, I already gave you one. suggestion, that is. I think there are more than a couple others as well.

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