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    Im looking for an 8 weight that can serve as a bass warmwater rod and can serve as a salmon or steelhead rod. Im trying to decide between a single hand or a switch. The problem is, I might be in single hand a good amount of time, not using the two hand option, so the weight penalty is not that attractive. If I will be mostly bass fishing and sometimes trout (when I let my wife use my 5 weight) with the 8 weight, is the heavier weight switch rod worth it? I can pick up, and have much more variety of choice in single hand 8 than in switch.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    Default Re: 8WT Rod Suggestion

    Spey or switch rods can be a blast, but it is a specialty. You will use a single hander a lot more. If the advice you're looking for is just switch or single hand, I'd say single hand for the greater versatility. Are you looking for recommendations about brands/models too? Price range?

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    I'm not sure, but I don't think bass and salmon/steelhead rods go together.

    For bass fishing I like a stiff rod so I can set the hook through the bass's tough jaw. I believe that for salmon/steehead fishing you'll want a rod with a softer tip.

    If you're going to buy a spey rod, make sure you read up on the different kinds of lines before you decide on one. (Each kind of spey line is different from the others.)


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    I use an 8wt Scott A3 9'6" single hand for steelhead in NE Ohio. Our rivers here aren't really wide enough to support a full spey rod. But I do have an 11'6" switch rod that I have a blast with. I find the Scott more useful for everyday fishing though.

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    I've used one 8wt for both steelhead and smallmouth. Sage 9ft Flight with a clouser line. It has worked well for both species. I have Indicator fished, swung flies, casted poppers and larger streamers with this one rod. No problem, you don't need a rod for steelhead and a rod for bass.

    If I had to do it all over again I'd go with a longer rod, 9 1/2 or 10ft. I say this because it would make the mending easier for indicator fishing.

    If you tell us how you'll fish and where for steelhead then maybe that might make a difference. I fish the Tribs for steelhead, some small streams to med. sized rivers and I fish large rivers for large smallies. If your use is similar to mine then my experience is all the more relevant to you.

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    I have 8wt's. by TFO (BVK, TiCrX, and Professional series), and Orvis (Helios tip flex) all are in the 9ft, 4 piece configuration. The Orvis is great, can't say a single bad word about it. The BVK is really nice too. I actually find the BVK in my hand more often because it is a bit easier to load and cast on smaller waters, IMHO. My switch rod is a 6wt...why? Because the extra length by necessity has the butt strength of the 8wt. If I were to get the 8wt switch rod, it would behave as a 9 or 10wt. Just food for thought.....

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    I love my Orvis Clearwater 9wt and can only imagine an 8 wt would be just as nice. I use my 7wt noname rod for smallies as it is shorter and easier to set the hook on them.
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    I recently received an Echo Edge 8wt saltwater rod as a present, more or less to my self. Although it has not seen water it really casts on grass. I was very pleased at the accuracy and distance that I achieved with little effort. For an relatively inexpensive rod I think this was a buy.

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    If you can find one (use a "saved search" on ebay), a 9' or 9'6 (my preference) Sage RPL+ 8wt will knock your socks off for any fishing you do that requires an 8wt. They are cannons but not broomsticks. Many of us figure Sage really goofed up when they discontinued that line. I have 3 of them, all bought as essentially un-used...most expensive was $275.

    I have landed smallmouth, largemouth, pike, landlocked salmon and atlantic salmon to 20lbs. with mine.


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    An 8wt rod is an 8wt rod.Just pick one that matches your casting style and use it for anything you want.I would choose a SH rod as the best all around choice.Im a little older so I grew up before we had specie specific rods and lines.You bought a rod and just went fishing.

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