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    Default Re: Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!

    [ame=""]Fishing the Midge: Ed Koch, Rich Shires, Norm Shires: 0011557026146: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

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    Default Re: Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!

    These are also two good source books on FF with Midges in streams, rivers and still waters:

    [ame=""]Modern Midges: Tying and Fishing the World's Most Effective Patterns: Jerry Hubka, Rick Takahashi: 9781934753002: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    [ame=""]Tying & Fishing Tailwater Flies: 500 Step-by-Step Photos for 24 Proven Patterns: Pat Dorsey: 9780811707220: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    I would also take to heart, Kelly G's suggestions, for fishing with Midges...he knows a thing or two about doing just that...

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    Default Re: Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!

    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
    Not the same book. I sent you pm to let you know what postage will probably be.

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    Yep this is the book
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    Default Re: Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!

    Quote Originally Posted by wt bash View Post
    I've always had trouble fishing midge nymphs unless I could spot the fish, as Only Adipose said these fish aren't moving so knowing exactly where its sitting is a big bonus. If you can't spot them then you really have to pound a spot to cover all the water. Sometimes a small zebra midge trailed behind a heavy bugger works pretty good. The bugger gets them looking and then they see a little morsel behind it they know isn't going to run away. If you can spot the fish then I fish one pattern 8" below the smallest shot that will get me in the fishes zone and no indicator and just watch the fish when it moves or flashes its trap open set the hook! Also just because its a food source that's always around doesn't always mean that's what they want to eat. This time of year in your area as well as mine the early black stones are around. Look for shucks along the banks and high rocks and log jams. This time of year I love to fish a #16 or even an 18 black softhackle swung in tight to the bank. I'm sure you know this but fishing Spring Creek means fishing close to the bank first, especially when the little black stoneflies are around. Its way mre fun than dead drifting the tiny stuff and the takes can be pretty exciting even in the cold water.
    This post perfectly describes winter spring creek fishing in MN as well. Great post!

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    Default Re: Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!

    last winter my best friend and i were fishing norh ga mtns, i would fish a hole or run, to the point of calling it beating a spot, and had no luck. once i moved on my friend moved to the same spot and would catch a few. we were using the same set up and same flies. it requires being in the right spot with the right presentation, and alot of times patience. there is some great insight on this thread

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    Default Re: Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!

    Quote Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
    Weight would be my guess too. Even with heavier nymphs I'm often surprised how much I can underestimate the depth of the fly. Most of the time if I'm not ticking bottom I'm not deep enough. It's hard to know for sure though, there are a lot of factors. Accepting the book offer might be a good idea.
    I have had a guy tell me for nymphs, if you are not losing flies you are not deep enough lol it is kind of true for the areas I fish though.

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