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Sasha 07-25-2010 12:52 AM

Better late than never
After a long week that included a trip to the hospital I was relieved to be able to get out into the woods. Originally the plan was for me to fish with two of my friends. Unfortunately due to circumstances they were unable to make it, so it was a solo trip this time.

I packed my car the night before, set my alarm for 0345 and went to bed. Now I remember the alarm going off and me turning it off. I thought to myself ďI will just lie in bed for a few minutes. Unfortunately a few minutes turned into a few hours. I woke back up at 0650 and thought oh sh** I overslept.

After quickly getting dressed and brushing my teeth I got in the car and took off. As luck would have it on the drive I managed to get behind every slow driver in Idaho. One person in a Jag that I found particularly annoying would slow way down on the corners to around 25 MPH. Then when there was a straightaway and passing lane she would floor it making it difficult and unsafe to pass her. I eventually managed to get around her on a long straightaway however I had to hit above 80 to pass her.

After a bit of a drive I finally saw the turnout for my destination. I will admit that I was pretty excited as I just love fishing this particular area. Once I was on the dirt road, it was a while before I reached my destination.

I quickly got out of my car, got my gear bag and rods out of the trunk and got to business. I grabbed my pack and headed down the trail. A short time later the river was in sight.

Hmmmmmm should I fish here?

Once I was on the other side of the river I followed the trail towards the place I wanted to fish. On the way I noticed some flowers with these green bugs. I donít know what they are but they look cool (sorry the pics are slightly out of focus I am still learning how to use my new camera. Maybe I should switch it from autofocus to manual focus).

After a while I reached the place that I wanted to fish. I decided to start the day throwing dries on with SPL. This proved to be a fine choice as there were plenty of little guys that wanted to play. I also managed to entice some larger fish to take my fly. Unfortunately the first one got off about 15 seconds after I started fighting him. The second decided that he didnít want to play anymore when I was about to net him. Oh well they were still fun.

After a little while I decided to switch things up, so I grabbed my 5wt and set up a nymph rig. On the first cast I saw the indicator go crazy and I set the hook. When I got a look at the fish I knew it was not a trout; yes I had caught my first whitefish of the day. I landed him, released him and resumed fishing.

A little while later on a very nice drift I saw the indicator just get hammered. I set the hook and the rod came to life. Although this fish was not huge he sure was a feisty little guy. I landed him snapped a quick pic and sent him on his way.

What happens next is an example of why I am not 100% sold on Vibram wading boots. I was wading up river a little so I could get a better angle on an area I wanted to fish. The granite rocks in this section had some slime on them. As I was wading I slipped and was unable to catch my balance. Fortunately I was able to grab my new camera (that was around my neck) with my left hand and prevented it from getting submerged. After that close call I decided I had enough fish pics for the day. I waded back to where my pack was and placed my camera in it.

After that I decided to try something a little different I decided to dead drift a leach pattern (to hopefully entice a different species; if they were in the river at this time). Not to discriminate against the other trout I also tied on a second and much smaller nymph.

Well to my surprise when I cast it the first time I had a strike. So I set the hook and immediately could tell it was a small fish. Once I got him in close I saw that it was a whitefish; however the whitefish had the leech hooked on the outside of his mouth. Personally I didnít think a whitie would ever go after such a huge fly but hey I guess this guy was hungry.

After a catching a few more trout nymphing; I decided to switch it up again and go back to dries. Like earlier in the day most everything that came up were westslopes. I did manage to catch one ok size rainbow in the late afternoon.

At around 1800 I decided to call it a day. I hiked back to the car, took my gear off and headed home. I had a really fun day. I just love fishing in that area and canít wait to return. Here are some random pics I took on the hike out and a couple I took of the meadow on my drive out. Hope you enjoyed the report.

jpbfly 07-25-2010 01:29 AM

Re: Better late than never
Great report and beautiful pics as usual Sasha:thmbup:...just the kind of river I love fishing on dry.
quote:Hmmmmmm should I fish here?
Why not??Of course you should!;)

bigredfly 07-25-2010 01:43 AM

Re: Better late than never
Looks to me like a fine/fun day. Fast thinking grabbing the camera on the fall :P
And i second Jbb's statement!


Frank Whiton 07-25-2010 01:59 AM

Re: Better late than never
Hi Sasha,

Thanks for the report. I wonder if you have studs on your Vibram soles? If you don't have them they would make a difference with slimy rocks. What is your new camera?


Ard 07-25-2010 11:51 AM

Re: Better late than never
You sure do have some nice streams to choose from. I think those flowers are wild white Iris but am not sure, not a clue on the beetles. I have a pair of the Klingon studded rubber soles on my Korker boots and once you learn the limitations they are pretty good; not like studded felt but pretty good.

Fear of a wet camera and its size are why I take few fish pictures myself. However I enjoy your stories and accompanying photos so I hope you keep doing them.


Sasha 07-25-2010 12:35 PM

Re: Better late than never
Glad you guys liked the report; I know I had a blast up there.

Now to answer a few of the questions......

My boots are the Simms Rivershed vibram sole boot. I opted to not get studs or cleats at first as I wanted to see how different they were from non studded felt. IMO they each have advantages; the felt are just awesome in the water. They do lack when you get out of the water and hike though. Vibram is awesome to hike in; it also does a great job when you get out of the water (I am talking about stepping onto large rocks when getting out). For the most part they do well in the water as well. The biggest shortfall I have noticed is slime covered granite. I will get cleats for them; hopefully it doesn’t take away from how they are from a dry land hiking standpoint.

Frank: My new camera (got it for Father's day) is the Nikon D3000. I know it is a starter DSLR but my wife wanted me to learn how to use one before getting something else. Unfortunately it is not water proof and the warranty does not cover submerging in water (my wife told me that she asked the guy where she purchased it). I have a couple of different lenses for it now; however I want to get that 105mm Macro lens in the future.

Ard 07-25-2010 12:56 PM

Re: Better late than never
The only difference I notice with the studs from unstudded is noise on hard surfaces. I walked 6 miles in mine a couple weeks ago with no worries. I've been using a D80 for three years. It will take a while to grow out of a D3000. I don't carry mine often while wading, as a matter of fact I don't remember ever taking it.

HuronRiverDan 07-25-2010 01:09 PM

Re: Better late than never
Great report as always Sasha...I always know I'll see great pics when you post. I hate to say this, but the insects look like Emerald Ash Borers. They have decimated the Ash population here in southern MI. I liked my Simms Vibrams when I got them, liked them even more after I put the studs in them.


mcnerney 07-25-2010 04:46 PM

Re: Better late than never
Sasha: Great trip report and photos as always! Sorry to hear that you fell but good to hear the camera didn't get wet. I dropped my digital camera in the water while fishing the Green River about a month ago and bought a new waterproof Pentax Optio W90...........not anything in the class of a Nikon, but it suits my needs. I also have the Simms Rivershed vibram sole boot and they have been great so far, but I haven't been on slime covered granite, I can imagine that studs would be beneficial.


Brewmaster 07-26-2010 11:26 AM

Re: Better late than never

Originally Posted by HuronRiverDan (Post 114930)
Great report as always Sasha...I always know I'll see great pics when you post. I hate to say this, but the insects look like Emerald Ash Borers. They have decimated the Ash population here in southern MI. I liked my Simms Vibrams when I got them, liked them even more after I put the studs in them.


I am not sure what the insects are, but I don't not believe they are Emerald Ash Borers. Based on the Michigan State University Extension website, the description of the Emerald Ash Borer is:

Adults are roughly 3/8 to 5/8 inch long with metallic green wing covers, (also looks like tinted with purple on the edge of the wing cases), and a coppery red or purple abdomen.

The insects in Sasha's photos have a bright yellow color on their back and/or bottom.

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