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    Default Re: About tippet for Great lake steelheads

    Quote Originally Posted by flytie09 View Post
    . Break strenth and diameters seemed ok, but it seemed to deform easily (form curls), that I
    Your totaly right. It curl a lot, but I don't know why.

    It's a shame because this line is very strong for a fluorocarbon, and I found knots are also strong.

    I have to test Drennan.

    AJ, PM sent !

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    I usually always run a 9foot 2x mono leader and then work from there. Water is clear ill tie on a couple feet of Seaguar flouro. Seaguar is my favorite maker of flouro tippet. If its a little murky ill just stick with Rio powerflex mono.

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    Default Re: About tippet for Great lake steelheads

    They are having a Fly Fishing Internet Radio on great lake steelhead tommorow.

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