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Thread: Salmon

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    Years ago a local friend that retired from driving truck in Alaska had smoked Alaskan Salmon sent down all the time. Washing it down with a ice cold Molson's Gold would be a real good reason by itself to take up Salmon fishing, the real reason is the challenge though. It just isn't the same as bluegill fishing. Although Lake Superior Salmon just isn't the same as the Alaskan, it sure is good. Ard's recipe sounds great and is planned for next fall. How We Smoke Alaska Salmon;

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    Hooking into a quality 25 +lb Chromed out King salmon on a fly rod MINUTES from when it was last in the salt is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have. At least in my opinion. I would recommend a 9' 10 wt. if SH is your thing. CW

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    Three runs of Pacific Salmon here on the Rogue: Spring and Fall run Kings and late fall run of Coho.

    For the Springers and Coho an 8wt 2 hander is more than adequate. For those fall Puppies you'd better 'up-gun. 30 - 40 pounder's are fairly common, and there's the odd fish that will exceed 60. Fresh out of the Ocean (Gold Beach) you'd better be prepared.

    River fly rod record is 70# some oz's. ........
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    My first salmon caught was a 40lb King . I didnt go fishing for anything else for two years

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