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    Default Personal Best: Twice!

    This weekend I took a few days off work and was able to hit the river two days. Both days I bested my personal record!

    On Friday I was fishing the E Fork of the French Broad, landed 12 fish in total, the last one of the day was a whopping 25"!!!

    I was just about to head back to the car when I decided to take a new streamer with a sculpin helmet I've been wanting to try out and work my way back down the stretch I'd be nymphing. As I worked my way downstream bumping the streamer across the creek I felt a bump or two, but nothing I could even try to get a hook set into. I looked at my streamer and I tied my tail way too long, I'm guessing the fish were hitting behind the hook so I'd feel the hit, but there wasn't anything to latch onto them with. I took my scissors out, cut about half the tail off then cast again. As I came towards the end of my strip WHAMMY! Fish on! It took me a few minutes to land her, and she even gave me a couple of acrobatics even though it was cold. I finally netted her, she came all the way up 1/2 my bicep from finger tips! (Hey I'm short I know)

    Then today I decided to hit the river again after church, started on on the E Fork again and then decided to hit the Davidson. No real luck on the E Fork so I decided to move toward the Davidson. I landed a few good sized trout during the late afternoon. As dusk was falling I hit into a 14" rainbow, then a few minutes later I hooked into a nice 17/18" rainbow (with some especially gorgeous colors). Just as it was getting dark I hooked into a fish and my reel just sang as it bolted downstream. I knew it was gonna be good one! I had to fight her for about 10 minutes just to get her to the net, and she still had energy to keep fighting! She was nose down in the current for what seemed like forever! When I finally netted her I couldn't even get my hand around her to handle her. She came almost all the way up my arm. It was exhilarating!

    And of course the weekend I break my personal best twice, I decide to let my parents borrow my camera for their trip the Grand Cayman. I'm not sure if I'll make sure to fish with a camera every time, if I'll never fish with one again for good luck!

    Sorry for the book to read but 18 fish and two personal records in one weekend was a story I had to share!!
    "Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God."
    ~by Tony Blake

    "A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it."
    ~ Arnold Gingrich

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    Default Re: Personal Best: Twice!


    Outstanding! Remember the days the "Fishing Gods" smile upon you on the days they frown on you!

    I often fish alone and have had epic days (and fish) only to look around for someone to applaud (and verify) my efforts. The phone camera has saved me on a few occasions.

    Congrats on a couple days which sound as though they fed the soul!


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    we can all use the fishing gods from time to time

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