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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    It's always a circus in PA...I stay home.

    But if you have to go and can't make a trip away from the crowded streams, there are ways. Take a roll of yellow caution tape and a can of white spray paint. Once you have located a prime spot to fish, head out at midnight with a friend. Tape off an appropriately comfortable area on the stream. Next, lie down in the middle of the taped off area and have your friend spray a white outline around you, preferably in a contorted position. Please, no fake blood as that would be tacky. If done correctly, this should clear a stretch of stream for 50-100 yards on either side of the "scene".

    Disclaimer: It's a joke. It's only a joke. I have never, and will never do such a thing. I can't vouch for the past actions of some of my ne're do well buddies from my college days, though.

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    you guys are crazy.. ive been sitting inside all winter theres no way im gonna sit out the first day. Its been raining a lot and the weather is warming up there might not even be any snow left. 18 more days. Ill let you know how I make out.

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    I'm with you on this one, its been a long winter and last season was practically non existant due to work obligations, I'm really looking forward to this season.

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    Actually I'm really looking forward to mid may. I have two weeks off, already paid for a cruise to the carribean for one week, the other is set aside for hunting and fishing all week.

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    i would suggest that if you have not spent any time on the water this winter, get out there is work on casting. give yourself a day to knock the dust off or work out the kinks in your casting and presentation. i know the first day i went out was a little rough but i got things worked out for when fishing really gets in full swing. id also recommend keeping an eye out for insect activity. the season for me (GA) does not start for another 3 weeks but in the several weekends of fishing i have discovered a stonefly and mayfly hatch, plus have been noticing fish activty and seeing that they are slowly becoming more active

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    I used to love opening day but I got over it.
    Now I start up in the headwaters where no one else bothers to go.
    Then in the afternoon after 80% of the yahoos have gone home I'll move downstream for some easy pickin's

    Here in CT the state still has opening day only because they sell more fishing licenses that way.
    It's a family outing or a socializing tradition for a lot of people. They go once or twice a year and then they're done, but the state still gets the revenue.

    If you want to fish, there's always a place to go.
    There's plenty of C&R trout management areas that are open all year.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I used to love opening day but I got over it.
    I know what you mean. Back in NJ before I really took trout fishing seriously and in my teen years we would cut class and hit the local pond. It was more a social event than anything else. We would load up on limits and have a big fish fry/party that night. Once I got into chasing trout with the fly rod opening day was more of curse than a blessing. Here in Ohio there is no opening day for trout season as there are only two state stocked streams. Both too far to make it worth it anymore, so I wait till Pa's opening day or fish the C&R sections. Which reminds me I need a new Pa license!
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    I've done the winter fishing in the Delaware, no thanks. Between dodging the ice chunks and freezing my tail I have no desire. Opening day to me signifies the end of winter, and that's cause for celebration. As someone who works outside in the winter all year everyday(actually every night) the though of putting myself through more cold after a night of work just doesn't sound appealing.
    So the thought of running into another fisherman on opening day isn't so bad, besides if I do run into someone it's usually another fly fisher and nothing more than someone to say hi to as we cross each others path.

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    I used to look forward to it, when I lived somewhere that had one

    It was like the end of winter.. The Fly Shop would have burgers and fly tying demos and oither events..

    It was never about good fishing

    Now, as long as my guides won't freeze up - I can fish whenever I like

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    Yeah they do that here also, In Roscoe, NY. The local radio station is there and it's a big brewhaha. They have the "first cast" broadcasted, makes for great radio It's held in the infamous "Junction Pool". But there are plenty of other places to go without all the hoopla, you can be as secluded as you want to be, just a matter of knowing where to go.

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    Default Re: opening day strategy

    I fish year round, so opening day of the hatchery supported waters is just another day....some of our streams really get trampled, and trashed with litter....and then, after a few days, with the start of turkey season, things get back to normal......turkey season and deer season are two of my favorite times to fish, here in North Carolina!!!!! So, on "opening day", I will probably fish a favorite blueline, away from the "circus"!!!!!

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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