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    Default Small stream speckies

    Its shaping up to be a nice week outside here. Its sunny, and getting much warmer. Unfortunatly I have to work night shift all weekend but if it stays this nice and some more of the snow starts to melt, I want to try and get out to some of the small speckle streams and try some early season fishing since they are starting to open up.

    I have never tried fishing them this early before when theres still snow. Am I wasting my time trying to catch them this early? There are lots in there during the summer, fall etc.. so I figure they are still in there somewhere.

    What patterns would anyone suggest? I am thinking of going through my nymphs and using them.

    Any help is appreciated. My little 6'8'' 3wt is just itching to get outside.


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    Default Re: Small stream speckies

    My father-in-law's approach was a Wooly Worm wet fly trailing a piece of "garden hackle" (i. e., earthworm) off the bend.

    If you're more of a purist than he was, see the "opening day" thread.

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    small Minnow streemer

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