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Thread: Fishing hobbled

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    Well a week ago this past Saturday we made plans to take a trip and ride back off the beaten path on horses to do a little fishing.On Sunday i decide for some reason to butcher my toe cause of it being ingrown, that didn't go so well.I woke on monday to find my big toe had a heartbeat all it's own.So i shoved it in my work boot and walked on the side of my foot all week.By friday when we left for camp my ankle was sore and my toe hurt,but hey tomorrow is going to be 70 and i'm fishing.Saturday morning whole foot so sore i cant even push it into my riding boot so back to the work boot to ride my horse to the spot to fish.All saddled up gear packed a shot of liquid courage down,now just to get on,foot in stirup,swinging on shooting pain just how am i going to pull on waders and wading boot.Made it to where we were going to fish got everything ready to go now pull on waders,toe touching all the way getting hot,shove foot in wading boot really sweating now.Ann says can you make it ,Answer- i got this on i'm fishing now, well the fishing was not good i caught 6 small brook and went through most of leader changing and they were not really interested in nothing on top or bottom.But it was still a good trip no fish pictures.Today is tuesday the toe is much better and turkey season opens in Ga. this weekend,i got to get back in the water.

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    Default Re: Fishing hobbled

    Shannon: You're one tough dude, I think I would have called it quits and got myself in to see a doctor!
    Good to hear the foot is doing better!

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    Larry, is it ok (on occasion) to say "Ah Sh!T?"

    Read the original post and 'flinched.' OUCH! doesn't cover it.....
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Shannon, in case you needed another excuse to fish, wading in cold water probably helped reduce swelling in your toe. Of course you could soak it in an ice bath at home, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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